Rahul Gandhi to Visit Gujarat Tomorrow: Meet Victims of Recent Tragedies in Gujarat, and Congress Workers in Police Custody

Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, is scheduled to visit Ahmedabad on July 6 at 12:30 PM. During his visit, he will arrive at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan in Paldi, where he will meet with party workers. 

Gandhi also plans to meet Congress workers currently in police custody due to a stone-pelting incident. Additionally, he will visit the Jagannath Temple to participate in the annual Congress-led Rath Pooja. He may also meet families affected by the Morbi Bridge collapse, Harni boat incident, and Rajkot fire tragedy.

In March, Rahul Gandhi went on a Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra in Gujarat

Rahul Gandhi to Meet Detained Congress Workers

On July 2, following Rahul Gandhi’s statement, BJP workers protested at the Congress office, leading to clashes between Congress and BJP workers outside the office. Both sides engaged in stone-pelting, resulting in injuries to workers and police officers. 

Police have filed three separate complaints and arrested five Congress workers, with several others under investigation. During his visit, Rahul Gandhi will meet all the detained Congress workers.

Rahul Gandhi to Perform Rath Pooja at Jagannath Temple

Every year, Gujarat Congress leaders perform a Rath Pooja before the Rath Yatra. Tomorrow, Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, will visit Jagannath Temple for this ritual. Additionally, Rahul Gandhi is expected to visit the Ellisbridge Police Station to meet the five Congress workers currently in police custody.

On 2nd July there was a Congress Bhavan protest

Rahul Gandhi to Meet Victims of Various Gujarat Incidents at Congress Office

Rahul Gandhi will meet families affected by recent tragedies in Gujarat, including the Rajkot fire incident, Harni boat pond accident, Morbi bridge collapse, and Surat Takshashila fire. The Congress office is arranging for these families to come to Ahmedabad. Gandhi will meet the victims and also address party workers at the Congress office.

Mukul Wasnik Arrives in Gujarat Ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s Visit

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is set to visit Gujarat on July 6 following the recent stone-pelting incident involving BJP and Congress workers near the Congress office. In preparation for Gandhi’s visit, Gujarat Congress in-charge Mukul Wasnik arrived in Ahmedabad today. 

He addressed the media at the airport, clarifying certain issues and making various allegations against the ruling party. Gandhi will meet with Congress workers and leaders tomorrow to address the situation and provide support.

Attack on Congress Office and Workers Deemed Cowardly

The stone-pelting incident outside the Congress office in Ahmedabad has echoed all the way to Delhi, prompting Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Gujarat. Mukul Wasnik, Gujarat Congress in-charge, arrived at Ahmedabad airport today and labeled the ruling party as cowardly during his media interaction. 

He condemned the attack on the Congress office and its workers as an act of cowardice. Wasnik expressed disappointment that there has been no change in the BJP’s working methods even after the Lok Sabha elections.

Gujarat Congress in-charge Mukul Wasnik briefed the media at Ahmedabad airport

Attempt to Suppress Congress by the Ruling Party

Mukul Wasnik, Gujarat Congress in-charge, remarked that the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence message is now witnessing violent politics. The Gujarat Pradesh Committee invited Rahul Gandhi to address the situation. 

During a media interaction, Wasnik highlighted that while complaints were filed against attackers, complaints from Congress were ignored, indicating bias towards the ruling party. He accused the ruling party of attempting to suppress Congress through such actions. Rahul Gandhi’s visit itinerary will be finalized in today’s meeting.

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