Tragic Accident on Surat Ring Road: Honda City Driver Hits 7 Pedestrians, 3 Fatalities

Tragic Accident in Surat

Around 11:30 PM last night, a major accident occurred on the Ring Road in Surat. The driver of a speeding Honda City lost control of the steering and hit seven people, including children, who were sitting on the side of the road. Unfortunately, a young girl and an innocent boy lost their lives, while five others were rushed to the hospital for treatment, two of whom are in critical condition. Notably, some bystanders were also sitting on the side of the road when the accident involving four cars and a bike occurred.

Names of the Deceased:

  1. Viyan Deveshbhai Vaghani (Age 6) – Son
  2. Deveshbhai Vaghani – Father
  3. Sanket Himmatbhai Vavadiya (Age 29) – Viyan’s Uncle

Driver of the Car Identified as Surat Resident

The police have arrested the suspect Jignesh Amritlal Gohil (Age 40), who works as a tailor in Surat. He originally hails from Rajpara village in Valsad.

Accident Occurred While Driving the Car

According to the Deputy Inspector of Utran Police Station, it has been revealed that the person named Jignesh Amritlal Gohil was involved in the accident. He resides in the Galaxy Chhaprabhatha Road area of Amroli. During preliminary questioning, he mentioned that he had returned from Ahmedabad, where he was undergoing treatment for cancer at the Civil Hospital. Meanwhile, he was moving around the Ring Road area of Surat. During this time, he lost control of the steering intermittently, leading to the accident.

Accused’s Involvement Confirmed

The police have now arrested the suspect. Currently, they have him in custody. The accused underwent a breathalyzer test and also provided a blood sample. It has been revealed that he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The police have been conducting thorough investigations and have also initiated legal proceedings against him. Charges have been filed against the accused.

It is advisable for the accused not to appear in public: Family Members

Jignesh Mevani stated that last night, his two sisters, his brother-in-law, his sister-in-law, and his niece went for a ride to Ring Road. They were all sitting on the sidewalk. From there, a car driver suddenly approached them with full speed intending to hit them all. In this incident, his sister-in-law and one of his brother-in-law’s passed away, and five people have been admitted to the hospital. The condition of his other sister-in-law and brother-in-law is critical. He demands strict punishment for such individuals. He should never be allowed to come out.

Tragic Accident Near the Court of Sorrows

According to available information, a tragic accident occurred near the Court of Sorrows on Ring Road around 2:00 AM. A speeding car, driven recklessly by the driver who lost control of the steering, collided with six people sitting on bikes on the side of the road.

Accused Charged with Manslaughter in the Accident

When the seriously injured victims of this accident were rushed to the nearby private hospital in Varachha for treatment, the police apprehended the driver responsible for the accident. Currently, the investigation is focused on gathering more evidence after noting down the charge of manslaughter against the accused due to the accident.

Family Members Devastated by Loss

Survivor Ajay Miyan informed that one of our sisters came from the village, so we all went to stay there. Because it was a holiday, we decided to visit the village. Suddenly, a car came at 100 km/h and hit us all. I couldn’t muster the courage to see the accident; I was just unconscious. I feel pain in my leg, chest, and hand. It feels like there might be a fracture. My family members are expired.

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