Patdi Police Seize 364 Bottles: Liquor-Laden Duster Car on Nawarangpura Upper Road; Driver Absconding

In a recent development in the Surendranagar district, Patdi police successfully intercepted a Duster car on Navrangpura Upriyala Road, seizing 364 bottles of foreign liquor. The estimated value of the confiscated contraband is Rs. 4,31,880. However, the driver of the vehicle managed to evade authorities, prompting an active pursuit by law enforcement to apprehend the absconding individual.

Patdi Police Inspector and Team Intercept Duster Car with 364 Bottles of Imported Liquor

In a commendable display of proactive policing, Police Inspector N. J. and the dedicated staff of the Patdi Police Station, led by Officer Sohagia, successfully intercepted a Duster car within the jurisdiction of the Patdi police station. The operation was initiated based on advance information, and it involved chasing down the suspicious Duster car that had left Nawarangpura Upper Road.

The patrolling team, acting on timely and reliable intelligence, swiftly pursued the suspect vehicle and managed to intercept it. However, upon interception, the driver of the Duster car successfully evaded capture by promptly leaving the vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Patdi Police Conduct Thorough Search, Recover 364 Illegally Imported Liquor Bottles, and Initiate Investigation

In a meticulous operation, the Patdi police, led by Police Inspector N. J. Sohagia, conducted a comprehensive search of a Duster car, resulting in the recovery of 364 illegal pass-permit foreign liquor bottles. The estimated value of the confiscated liquor is Rs. 1,31,880, while the Duster car itself is valued at Rs. 3,00,000, bringing the total to Rs. 4,31,880. The vehicle was intercepted earlier on Nawarangpura Upper Road.

Despite the successful recovery, the car driver managed to escape the scene, prompting the initiation of an investigation by the Patdi Police. A case has been filed against the absconding driver, and efforts are underway to apprehend him.

The operation involved the presence of key personnel from the Patdi Police, including Police Inspector N. J. Sohagia, Sagarbhai Kalotara, and Govabhai Sawadhariya, along with the dedicated police staff. Their collective efforts underscore the commitment of the Patdi Police to uphold the rule of law and combat illicit activities that pose a threat to public safety.

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