Horrific Rajkot Fire Case: Family Members Accept Alleged Accused Prakash Hiran’s Body at 6 AM; Maternal DNA Match Confirmed Yesterday

Yesterday, a significant revelation emerged regarding Prakash Jain, the accused in the Rajkot Game Zone fire incident. Information from Gandhinagar’s FSL confirmed that Prakash Jain perished in the fire. Prakash’s brother, Jitendra Hiran, had reported him missing on the 27th at Rajkot Taluka Police Station. 

DNA samples from Prakash’s mother were sent for testing at Gandhinagar FSL, which confirmed a match with Prakash’s DNA. Consequently, it was confirmed that Prakash died in the incident. The family received his body early at 6 AM.

Revelation Confirmed by FSL in Rajkot Game Zone Fire Incident

Source had earlier speculated about Prakash Jain’s death in the Rajkot Game Zone fire on the 27th. FSL later confirmed his death through DNA testing. Prakash was seen in CCTV footage trying to extinguish the fire, and his phone was switched off shortly after, with his car found at the scene. 

When there was no contact from him for two days, his brother reported him missing to the Rajkot Taluka Police. The family’s suspicions were verified, confirming Prakash’s death in the incident.

Prakash Hiran was present at the scene when the fire broke out.

Brother’s Application Details in Rajkot Game Zone Fire Incident

On the 27th, Jitendra Hiran filed an application with Rajkot police regarding his missing brother, Prakash Kanaiyalal Hiran, who was associated with TRP Game Zone. Jitendra mentioned that Prakash was inside during the incident and lost contact with family members, including his wife, mother, brothers, and in-laws, after the fire

They discovered his car at the scene, and all his contact numbers were switched off. This led them to suspect his involvement in the accident.

DNA report of Prakash Jain.

Jitendra Hiran’s Statement on Prakash’s Background

Prakash Hiran’s brother, Jitendra, mentioned that Prakash had been living in Rajkot for four years. Jitendra, who runs a timber business, was unaware of the exact details of Prakash’s partnership in the Game Zone. He only knew the names of some partners from his visits. 

Jitendra was not informed about how Prakash and his partners came into contact. The Game Zone incident and the subsequent disappearance of Prakash were alarming for the family, leading to the filing of the police report.

Uncovering the Truth Behind Disappearance

Recently, there was a sighting of Prakash, last seen igniting a fire. A person who accompanied him in search of deer, Jitendra, claimed that there’s no sign of Prakash. His phone has been switched off for 2-3 days. In the latest video received from him, it appears as though they went inside to light the fire, but no one has seen them coming out. 

CCTV footage might provide some clues. Those apprehended will have to reveal Prakash’s whereabouts. The extent of his involvement remains uncertain. We haven’t had much interaction with him lately, apart from occasional encounters like weddings.

Prakash's car is lying near the game zone.

Prakash’s Lavish Abode: A Peek into Luxury Living

Prakash used to reside in a mansion worth 2 crores in Rajkot. His opulent lifestyle caught the attention of the Source team, who visited his sprawling bungalows in Rajkot’s posh areas, as well as his brother’s residence in Vadodara, for investigation. 

Prakash Hiran (Jain) lived in Pradyuman Royal Heights on Kalavad Road in Rajkot. This residence is estimated to be around 2 crores in value.

Prakash Jain's luxurious house is located in Rajkot.

Where is Prakash Hiran’s Wife Sweety?

When the Source team arrived at Prakash Hiran’s house, they found it locked and deserted. Milk containers were left outside the house. 

Moreover, newspapers piled up outside his home for two days, indicating that no one had been there to collect them. As a result, questions arose about the whereabouts of Prakash Hiran’s wife, Sweety.

Prakash: The Resident of Rajasthan

Prakashchand Hiran hails from Rajasthan and holds stakes in machinery across different gaming zones. He is heavily involved in the TRP gaming zone. He is a major shareholder in most of these zones, managing the operations involved in striking deals for different gaming zones through a network of connections.

Nitin Jain, another native of Rajasthan and a close associate of Prakash Hiran, also shares roots in Rajasthan. Hence, he was appointed as a manager in the gaming zones under Prakash’s influence.

Prakash Hiran’s Remarkable Sporting Legacy

According to sources, Rahul Rathore and Yuvrajsinh, along with the surrounding areas, were actively involved in go-karting competitions. They both shared a passion for adventure. As their proficiency in the sport grew, they contemplated introducing go-karting in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, expanding the reach of this exhilarating activity beyond Rajkot.

Eventually, they earned considerable recognition, and their initiative led to the establishment of the first go-karting track in an empty plot in Rajkot. Subsequently, this paved the way for a full-fledged gaming zone, a development that has now garnered widespread attention.

Prakash Hiran’s Largest Share in the Gaming Zone – Insider Source

According to knowledgeable insiders, despite a total investment of approximately 5 crores in the gaming zone, a significant portion was allocated for further expansion. Out of this, Prakash Hiran alone invested a staggering 3 crores. Following the inception of the gaming zone, its manager Nitin Jain was receiving a monthly salary of 50,000 rupees.

However, when TRP Gaming Zone emerged, involving individuals like Dhaval Thakkar and Ashoksinh Jadeja, the participation ranged from 5 to 15 percent. Prakash Hiran held the highest stake. The gaming zone generated substantial monthly earnings, with partners earning between 70 thousand to 1 lakh rupees, after deducting expenses.

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