Father Threatens Retribution: Refuses Government Aid After Losing Son in Fire

Tragic Incident in Rajkot TRP Game Zone

On the evening of May 25, 2024, a tragedy unfolded in Gujarat. Families out for leisure at the Rajkot TRP Game Zone found themselves engulfed in a horrific incident. Within minutes of the incident, 28 people were crushed in the stampede. Some lost their siblings, some their children, while others lost their relatives. In addition to the human toll, hospitals were overwhelmed, with 28 bodies arriving every hour. The situation was so dire that identifying the deceased became a challenge. Currently, DNA samples of all the deceased are being collected at the FSL for identification purposes. Amidst this tragedy, a single family has lost five members. During this crisis, Pradipsinh, a youth from the family, stated that while he may not seek help for himself, he will not spare anyone responsible for the incident if they are found guilty.

Father’s Reaction in the Aftermath

During the conversation, Pradipsinh revealed that their family comprised 8 members, of whom three have been accounted for, while five are missing, including my son Rajbha. The others are my brother Sadhubhai, who has a son, a daughter of another elder brother, and a nephew of one of them. So, the total does not match. They had left home around 4 o’clock. The incident occurred within 15-20 minutes of reaching the game zone. We received calls from our three family members that there was a fire here and there was chaos and commotion. The fire brigade had not arrived yet. These people didn’t respond. There were 20-25 people who had left after closing the door. My brother Sadhubhai and his nephew were downstairs. To save them, I went upstairs. There, these people closed the glass door from behind. Now, you can see this on social media through the viral video.

All Events Occurred in Just 45 Seconds

When asked about the negligence in the game zone, he mentioned that these people had stored 1500 liters of diesel and 1300 liters of petrol to steal electricity from the neighboring mall. Welding work was underway downstairs while the upper floor had been started. Along with this, sparks immediately caused a massive blast. Hence, no one got time to escape. All events occurred in just 45 seconds. For four years, no fire NOC had been obtained. On this day, a scheme of Rs. 99 was introduced, so it was doubly crowded.

I’ll Take Everyone Down with Me

Pradipsinh further expressed that his demand is that the government should give him the death penalty, and any lawyer should not fight his case in the High Court or Supreme Court. If anyone wants to fight the case for money, the fee that person demands, I will give him double that amount. Besides, I have not sought any government assistance. Whatever government assistance I receive, I will give it to those in need. If these people face any punishment before their land is approved by him, then I’ll take everyone down with me. I have nothing left around me. Whatever I was, I have lost everything. Now, if you consider this as a threat, take it as a threat, and if you understand it as a father’s pain, take it as a father’s pain. You can take it in whatever way you want.

I Am Prepared for Everything

As our family’s recognition is not recognized, I do not let anyone else’s recognition be recognized either. This empty statement is not a threat; therefore, I am prepared for everything. Whatever needs to be done, either do it or leave it; I won’t stop anyone. I demand from the government that these people should be given strict punishment; otherwise, such incidents like Morbi, Harni, and events similar to this will continue to happen. Some people’s sons, some people’s entire families will be destroyed. If the government does not take action now, the public will take action, and I will take action to show.

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