Hiking to Healing: Kasol Kheerganga’s Natural Hot Springs


Often referred to as the ‘Mini Israel of India’, Kasol is this beautiful, scenic village located by the Parvati River in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is extremely colorful and vivid due to the blend of local Himachali warmth with international flavors very much inspired by travelers from Israel. Kasol is the starting point for most of the treks, it serves as a central base for trekking; the famous Kheerganga trek originates from here.

Khirganga is a meadow at an altitude of 2,950 meters and has its name carved out from the idea of hot springs and views of the Himalayan greats. The not-so-popular trek has its stories deeply embedded in Hindu mythology, which states that the place is where Lord Shiva meditated for thousands of years and the hot springs are sacred.

Background: Trekking More

Preparing for the Trek

The distance of the trek from Kasol to Kheerganga is about 12 km, which normally takes 5-7 hours depending on how strong and quick one is on his or her feet. One should start early in the morning to make good use of daylight. Make sure you have trekking shoes, warm clothing, and a raincoat in addition to stocks of water, snacks, and a first-aid kit.

The Route

Kasol to Barshaini

The trek generally starts from Kasol, but you also have the option to drive further to Barshaini; this is the actual base for the trek. The drive offers great views of Parvati Valley, setting the mood toward the initiation of an adventure.

Barshaini to Rudra Nag

From Barshaini, the trail descends toward Rudra Nag. The walk is easy and the trail is well traced out amidst thick pine woods and apple orchards. En route to the Rudra Nag waterfall, which forms the shape of a snake, one gets to see a very nice place to halt and rejuvenate.

Rudra Nag to Kheerganga

The last stretch of the trek—from Rudra Nag to Kheerganga—is a steep ascent with steep climbs and rocky paths. The spectacular views and the excitement of the hot springs at the end of the journey help the trekkers to keep on. You might find stretches of lush greenery and be lucky enough to find some resident fauna.

The Healing Hot Springs

The Legend

Kheerganga hot spring is considered a blessing by Lord Shiva. It is supposed to have water that is curative and has healing abilities for several diseases. The name “Kheerganga” means white or some kind of Indian sweet drink, and “river” since the spring water is said to be as white and frothy as kheer.

The Experience

On reaching Kheerganga, what greets a trekker first is the hot water springs. There are two sections: one for male trekkers and the other for females. Such hot water springs guarantee an exhaustion-free way of relaxation for the energy-drinking trekkers after that draining 13-km hike. The water is rich in minerals that would wash off the weariness from the muscles, giving a soft and mild experience, and one could feel rejuvenated again in the body and spirit.

Health Benefits

Have heard that soaking in natural hot springs can be helpful for:

Warm water reduces stress and helps loosen the muscles.

Improved blood circulation: the heat of the springs helps to promote proper circulation of blood.

Skin benefits: these minerals in the water flush out impurities from the skin and refine the texture of the skin.

Pain Relief: Natural heat treatment is beneficial for anyone with arthritis and joint pain.

Beyond the Hot Springs: Kheerganga

The Scenic Beauty

It’s not just the hot springs lying at Kheerganga; the whole place is marked with the scenic beauty of white snow-covered peaks and lush green valleys. The meadow itself is, in fact, an amazing sight, particularly in the early morning hours above the mountains.

Camping and Stargazing

Spending a night in Kheerganga is an experience of its own. Several campsites offer comfortable tents with basic amenities. Truly, the clear night sky is the lustful canvas for stargazing, totally away from pollution through city lights. The peace of the place and the beauty of the stars make a magical experience.

Local Culture and Cuisine

A visit with the people will make you realize the simple yet rich culture of the Himachali people. Here you can savor some very nice traditional Himachali cuisine, which is yet rich and hearty. Do not forget to try their traditional dishes like siddur and thukpa.


The Kasol to Kheerganga Trek is more about discovering oneself within one’s landscapes. Ever-healing, the natural hot springs of Kheerganga bring a holistic touch to the trek. It is here where you could seek adventure, spiritual solace, or simply some time away from the hubbub of city life. Pack your bags, put on your trekking shoes, and set off on a journey that heals and brings gains to your mind.

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