Historic Decision: Maharashtra Govt Grants Rs 5/Liter Subsidy to Milk Producers and Revives Old Pension Scheme

In a recent cabinet meeting held on Thursday, the Maharashtra government made several pivotal decisions addressing crucial issues. Among these decisions, the fixation of toll fees for the usage of the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link took precedence. Additionally, noteworthy approvals were granted for a subsidy of Rs 5 per liter to the state’s milk producers, along with the sanctioning of revisions to the existing pension scheme.

Cabinet Decisions Propel Infrastructure and Agricultural Support in Maharashtra

In a recent cabinet meeting, the Maharashtra state government has undertaken significant decisions with far-reaching implications. One of the key developments is the approval of a toll proposal, with the state cabinet allocating Rs. 250 for the Mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL). This transformative sea bridge links Sewri in Mumbai with Nhawa Sheva in the neighboring district of Raigad and is set to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 12. With its substantial 21.8 km length, the MTHL is expected to dramatically reduce travel time from the current two hours to a mere 15-20 minutes, marking a milestone in improved connectivity.

In addition to this, the cabinet has greenlit another crucial proposal by approving a subsidy of Rs 5 per liter for milk producers in the state. This decision, which was officially announced during the winter session of the state assembly held last month, aims to provide much-needed financial relief to the dairy farming community. These strategic moves by the Maharashtra government reflect a comprehensive approach to infrastructure enhancement and agricultural support, positioning the state for sustained growth and development.

Cabinet Approves Old Pension Scheme, Extending Benefits to 26,000 Employees

In a significant move aimed at addressing employee concerns, the state cabinet has granted approval for the reinstatement of the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) for individuals who joined the service after November 2005. This decision, which follows recent strikes advocating for the restoration of OPS, was confirmed by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). Vishwas Katkar, the General Secretary of Maharashtra State Employees Confederation, expressed satisfaction, stating, ‘The cabinet decision will benefit 26,000 state government employees who were selected before November 2005 but received their joining letters later.’

The cabinet directive requires the identified 26,000 employees to make a choice between OPS and the new pension scheme within the next six months, submitting the necessary documents to their respective departments within the next two months. The CMO emphasized that this opportunity is a one-time option for the affected employees.

Currently, approximately 9.5 lakh government employees who entered service before November 2005 are already benefiting from OPS. Notably, OPS was discontinued in the state in 2005. This decision by the state cabinet marks a pivotal step towards addressing the concerns of a significant employee demographic and ensuring equitable access to pension benefits.

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