Former Cricketer DSP Joginder Sharma Faces FIR in Tragic Youth Incident with Family’s Refusal to Accept Body

In a recent development in Hisar, Haryana, an FIR has been lodged against six individuals, including cricketer-turned-Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Joginder Sharma. The accusation centers around allegations that Sharma incited a resident named Pawan from Dabra village to take his own life. The family of the deceased has further claimed that they were compelled to vacate their residence by the accused.

The situation has escalated to public protests, with family members staging demonstrations at the Civil Hospital since Wednesday. Their primary demand is the prompt arrest of the accused individuals involved in the case. Despite the completion of the postmortem procedure on the deceased youth, the family has adamantly refused to accept the body.

Efforts to mediate and address the concerns of the grieving family were made by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rakesh on Thursday. However, the family remains steadfast in their demand for the immediate arrest of the accused parties. In a noteworthy development, sections of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, commonly known as the SC/ST Act, have been added to the case today, reflecting the gravity of the situation and the legal implications surrounding it. The inclusion of these sections underscores the broader societal and legal context in which the alleged offenses occurred, marking a significant turn in the ongoing investigation.

Pawan of Dabra village committed suicide by hanging himself on New Year's Day.

Tragic Demise of Pawan on New Year’s Day Unfolds Amidst Property Dispute

In a heart-wrenching incident, Pawan, aged 27, took his own life on New Year’s Day, under circumstances intricately tied to a property dispute. According to the police complaint filed by Pawan’s mother, Sunita, the family of five, including two boys and two girls, had been entangled in a legal battle concerning the residence where they resided. Notably, the case involved Ajaybir, Ishwar Jhazaria, Prem Khati, Rajendra Siha, and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Joginder Sharma.

The ongoing legal dispute seemed to weigh heavily on Pawan, the eldest son, leading to significant distress. Approximately a week before the tragic incident, Ajaybir and his son Arjun approached Pawan in the field and instructed him to convey to his mother the need to vacate the house. Subsequently, Pawan returned home, only to face persistent threats from these individuals, adding to his already troubled state.

The relentless pressure and threats proved to be too much for Pawan, and on January 1, he took the drastic step of ending his life. His mother’s police complaint sheds light on the sequence of events, indicating that the constant intimidation ultimately drove Pawan to a state of despair. The use of a cable attached to a fan in the house’s room became the means through which Pawan tragically ended his life.

Persistent Threats: Woman Alleges Intimidation by Accused in Ongoing Legal Battle

In a distressing revelation, Sunita, the mother of the late Pawan, has disclosed that the accused parties not only played a role in the ongoing property dispute but also subjected her to threats within the confines of her own home. Sunita recounted that back in October 2020, a case was registered against the accused, encompassing charges of death threats and other related sections.

During the initial investigation of this case, the then Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Joginder Sharma, currently implicated in the property dispute, took charge of the matter. However, instead of ensuring a sense of security for Sunita, Joginder Sharma, accompanied by all the accused individuals, allegedly visited her residence and intensified the atmosphere of fear through direct threats.

A formal complaint was promptly lodged at the Azad Nagar police station in response to this distressing incident. Regrettably, the police did not register a case at that time, leaving Sunita without the legal recourse she sought. Consequently, the case has been persisting in the court system since then, as the family grapples with both the property dispute and the allegations of threats and intimidation.

Appeal for Support: Family Seeks Financial Aid Amidst Social Organizations’ Strike

In the wake of the tragic incident involving the late Pawan, his mother, Sunita, has made a poignant appeal for financial assistance for the bereaved family. In a bid to amplify their plea, several social organizations have rallied behind Sunita’s cause, staging a collective strike in support on Thursday.

Sunita has underscored the pressing need for both justice and financial support, signaling the challenging circumstances faced by the family. The demand for the arrest of the accused parties remains a focal point of the collective efforts, aligning with the broader call for accountability in the face of the ongoing legal and familial challenges.

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