Saving Mumbai Teen: Coughing for 3 Years, Bleeding for 6 Months; Earring Extract Removed from Lung

A young girl living with her family in Mumbai had been suffering from a cough for 3 years. Even in the last 6 months, along with the cough, she was also coughing up blood. Worried, her parents took her to several hospitals, but no illness was diagnosed. Finally, the family went to a hospital in Ahmedabad. Here, the doctors discovered a earring stuck in the girl’s lungs. After performing surgery to remove the earring, the girl was relieved of pain. The earring had lodged in her lungs three years prior, but the parents were unaware due to fear.

Long-term Consequences of Neglected Care

Dr. Hardik Patel, a critical care specialist, revealed that when they started the girl’s treatment, they were concerned from the beginning that something foreign might be stuck in her body. After examining through a bronchoscope, they found the earring. It took time to remove it because it had been lodged for three years, but they succeeded in their second attempt. The color of the earring had changed due to being stuck inside for so long, and it had turned black. Had the earring not been removed from the girl’s body, her life could have been in danger for a long time.

Family Concerned about Daughter’s Illness

A family living in Surendranagar works in Mumbai. Due to work commitments, the husband, wife, and daughter have been living in Mumbai for some time. The 13-year-old daughter of the working-class family had been suffering from a cough for the last three years. Although only a cough, the family didn’t pay much attention until recently when the girl started coughing up blood. The family got worried about her health.

Family Shifts Focus to Surendranagar

Originally from Surendranagar, the family decided to return due to financial constraints. They initially sought treatment for their daughter in Surendranagar, but when no improvement was seen, they took her to Ahmedabad. Even in Ahmedabad, after consulting two to three different doctors, the cough persisted. Eventually, they ended up at the Divine Child Hospital near Helmet Circle. Dr. Hardik Patel conducted initial examinations and, along with a sonography report, diagnosed the girl’s condition.

Failed Attempts at Extracting Suspicious earring

During the examination, something suspicious was noticed in the girl’s lungs. Therefore, Dr. Hardik Patel, along with his colleagues Dr. Devang Solanki and Dr. Varun Patel, attempted to extract it. They tried to remove the earring, which was visible through the bronchoscope, but their initial attempt was unsuccessful.

Family Unaware, Daughter Speaks the Truth

The medical team made repeated attempts to extract the earring but failed. Upon further inquiry, the parents had no information about any previous incidents. When asked, the daughter revealed that she had swallowed a button three years ago, but she hadn’t told her parents out of fear.

Potential Life-Threatening Complications for the Girl

Dr. Hardik Patel expressed concern that the financial situation of the girl’s parents was not good, so they were surprised that they couldn’t afford treatment. However, our team made it clear that the family should receive financial assistance. Therefore, we provided help to the girl both physically and financially. Our appeal is that while this girl was older, more serious problems could arise. Therefore, keep small objects away from young children to prevent such emergencies. If a child experiences persistent coughing or difficulty breathing, immediate medical attention should be sought, or it could lead to life-threatening complications.

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