Father of 3 Impregnates Suraj: Suicide Attempt at Riverfront, Records Video; Conducts Marriage with AMTS Bus Conductor

Exploitation of a Vulnerable Individual

Certain elements in society are known to exploit vulnerable individuals for their own gain. Unfortunately, this often involves orchestrating various schemes to trap isolated women or young girls. Such a case emerged in Ahmedabad, where a woman working as a home guard fell victim. She became acquainted with an AMTS bus conductor during her daily commute within the city. Later, they developed a romantic relationship, which ultimately led to her becoming pregnant. As the situation unfolded, the young woman was diagnosed with cancer. Hearing of her plight, a well-meaning individual decided to exploit her vulnerability further by creating a video with the intention of soliciting funds. However, the video reached her lover before its intended audience. Feeling remorseful, he married her and facilitated her conversion to his religion. Now, the pregnant woman finds herself seeking justice at the doorstep of the police station. She has filed a complaint against the bus conductor, but as of now, she continues to struggle for justice.

Exploitation in a Bus Ride

Nisha (name changed), a widow, used to commute to work daily after her husband’s death. One day, she boarded the AMTS bus number 31 seeking assistance from the conductor. She told him her name was Suraj (name changed), and if anyone asked, he should confirm that. Feeling troubled, she confided in Suraj over the phone, and their conversation gradually turned into a relationship. However, the truth came to light when she learned that the person she loved wasn’t Suraj but Salim, a married man with three children. Devastated upon hearing this revelation, Nisha felt shattered and contemplated suicide. She then went to the riverfront and recorded a video, pouring out her heart. Salim arrived at the spot and convinced her to accompany him, promising to marry her. This time, Salim is teaching Nisha to read and write, changing her name and persuading her to reside in a Hindu settlement. This is not a movie plot but a true incident that occurred in Ahmedabad. The woman has now lodged a complaint at the women’s police station.

Starting a Job After Husband’s Death

This incident truly reflects Nisha’s life. Nisha is a widow from a middle-class family. Her husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving her to shoulder the responsibility of the family members. Determined to support her family, Nisha decided to find employment and started working as a home guard. While Nisha’s situation may seem common for a regular family, the way she handled it with resilience and determination set her apart.

Conductor Provided Mobile Number for Help

The story of Nisha is truly remarkable. Nisha is a widow from a middle-class family who found herself thrust into the role of breadwinner after her husband’s untimely demise.

Every day, she would travel from Meghani Nagar to her job as a home guard, diligently arriving at the bus stop at the appointed time, rain or shine. Nisha bore the weight of her family’s responsibilities on her shoulders. Her face was often somber, hiding the need for someone’s support.

While Nisha was prepared to fight her battles, she longed for someone to lean on. Struggling with her daily challenges, Nisha found herself engaged in conversation with the conductor of the bus she rode. It was during one of these conversations that she shared her woes with Suraj, the conductor, and he, in turn, offered her his mobile number, assuring her that she could call him anytime she needed help.

Suraj’s gesture, though seemingly small, meant the world to Nisha. It was a lifeline in her otherwise ordinary life, and she gratefully accepted the number, knowing that she had not only received assistance but also found a friend in Suraj.

Conversation Progresses Through Messages

Once again, Nisha boarded the bus, and Suraj approached her. When he inquired if everything was alright, Nisha replied that she didn’t currently need any assistance but would reach out if she did. Suraj, understanding her situation, began messaging her from that day onward.

As their conversation continued through messages, Nisha realized that Suraj was always there to lend a helping hand, even if it was just through their virtual exchanges. However, beneath the surface, Suraj seemed to be dealing with something personal. Upon receiving a message from Nisha, Suraj replied promptly, and gradually, their communication became a beacon of support for Nisha, as Suraj remained a constant presence in her life, symbolized by the red door of the bus.

Suraj’s Game Unveiled Amidst Marriage Talks

One day, Suraj took Nisha towards Gandhinagar under the pretext of discussing their relationship. They had developed a bond, and both were ready to take their relationship to the next level of marriage. Amidst all this, Nisha was overjoyed, envisioning her life taking a new turn. However, it is said that fate of the poor walks on thin ice, and sometimes, things take an unexpected turn.

While discussions about marriage were ongoing, Nisha suddenly learned that Suraj wasn’t Suraj but Salim. Suraj had been playing along with her under a false identity.

Nisha decided to confront Salim and ended up having a heated argument with him. Filled with fear and desperation, she found herself on the brink of contemplating suicide as she reached the riverfront. There, she recorded a video. A person familiar with Salim approached him, learned about the situation, and directed Salim to the location. Salim, realizing the gravity of the situation, rushed to Juhapura.

In Juhapura, he brought along an acquaintance, performed a marriage ceremony with Nisha, and changed his name to Salma. Nisha, now married to Salim/Salma, has accepted her fate, and Salim/Salma is now living with her in Nisha’s house.

Living together in a rented house, but days passing by

In Meghani Nagar, Nisha and Salim used to live together in a rented house. Salim would come in the morning and leave in the evening, a routine that repeated every day. However, Nisha was unaware of some news until one day when she decided to investigate. She learned that Salim already had a wife and three children living with him in Rai Khad Vistar. This revelation was too much for Nisha to bear. Yet, the pain caused by this revelation was overshadowed by a bigger issue in Nisha’s life: she was pregnant. Initially, she had entered into a relationship with Salim under false pretenses, but now, with another religion, and she had also pursued her education for his sake. But now that she had become pregnant, she didn’t know what to do, especially since he was already a father of three children.

Nisha fights for justice

Due to her pregnancy, Nisha went to the hospital for check-ups, where she learned some shocking news. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Both situations left Nisha completely shattered. Furthermore, she couldn’t bear Salim’s indifference and his betrayal. Eventually, Nisha decided to seek justice by taking her medical records and other files to the police station. Based on Nisha’s complaint, the police have noted down the charges against Salim. However, what Salim did to her was extremely painful, and now, she is determined to fight until she gets justice.

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