Terrifying Firing Incident Caught on Video in Bopal Ahmedabad: Panic Ensues as Gunmen Open Fire on Mary Gold Road

Violent Incident on Mary Gold Road

A terror ensued on Mary Gold Road, near the village of Ghuma, at around 3 AM when a group of 10 individuals attacked a banquet being held by builder Upendrasingh Chavda. Upendrasingh retaliated by firing two rounds in self-defense. The incident, along with footage of the firing and the chaos, has surfaced. Scenes reminiscent of a film confrontation have been captured.

Along with Sanandan Rajendrasingh Solanki and Anilsinh Parmar from Bopal, 10 individuals allegedly came to attack Upendrasingh Chavda in an act of self-defense. Consequently, a gunfire exchange occurred, leading to chaos on Mary Gold Road. Upon hearing of the incident, a contingent from Bopal Police rushed to the scene. Upendrasingh, along with nine other individuals, including Sanandan Rajendrasingh Solanki and Anilsinh Parmar, has filed a complaint. Upendrasingh reportedly fired shots from a licensed revolver, but no casualties have been reported.

Associated with Chavda Construction

Upendrasingh Chavda is associated with Chavda Construction in Bopal. He has been visiting Dadabapu Dham in the western region for the past two years. During that time, he had a good relationship with Vijaysinh Solanki from there. Due to being busy with work for the last four months, they have not been able to visit. Therefore, Vijaysinh and his cousin Rajendrasingh would occasionally call and ask them to visit. However, Upendrasingh used to say that they are making false accusations against us, so I am not asking you to come there.

Resolution Found in Bagodara

Last night, Upendrasingh was heading towards Diaryama for some work. At that time, he received a WhatsApp call from Rajendrasingh Solanki, who informed him to come to Diaryama as they are preparing. Upon receiving this information, Upendrasingh contacted Vijaysinh to inquire about the matter. Subsequently, a resolution was found in Bagodara with the involvement of Vijaysinh, Upendrasingh’s elder brother, and other community members. After resolving the issue late at night, Upendrasingh returned home. As construction work was starting on his construction site on the roadside, he went there.

One Round of Firing in the Air with a Revolver

As they were proceeding ahead from Mary Gold Circle, there were four to five vehicles near a pan parlor. Among them, Rajendrasingh and Anilsinh, along with several others, were standing on the road. All the individuals had sticks and pipes in their hands. At that moment, all of Upendrasingh’s vehicles arrived, and they were heading towards an attack. Upendrasingh then fired one round into the air with his revolver in self-defense. Subsequently, people from the opposing side began attacking Upendrasingh with sticks, stones, and pipes.

Vandalism in the Car

One person hit Upendrasingh on the right hand with a stick, causing him to lose control. Consequently, he had a revolver in his hand, which accidentally fired a round due to the trigger being pressed during the scuffle. In total, two rounds were fired accidentally. The car belonging to Upendrasingh was vandalized by the crowd. Upendrasingh managed to escape from there, and the entire incident has been reported to the Bopal police station, where a complaint has been filed against new individuals. The police have noted the complaint and started an investigation into the matter.

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