Triple Accident on Modasa-Godhra Highway: ST Bus Tire Burst Leads to Tragic Collision; 3 Fatalities, 46+ Injured

A triple collision occurred near Sakariya village on the Modasa-Godhra state highway. It involved an ST bus traveling from Dabhoi towards Modasa, which veered off the divider and collided with a luxury bus approaching from the opposite direction at the same time. In this unfortunate incident, three individuals lost their lives. 

Among the passengers, a total of 46 were affected, with 13 sustaining serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention in Himatnagar. Additional collector, DSP, and emergency response teams have reached the scene. The aftermath of the accident echoed with cries of distress from all sides, leaving a somber atmosphere among the locals. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras for further investigation.


Importance of Adhering to Speed Limits: A Cautionary Tale

When operating a vehicle, it is imperative for any driver to observe speed limits, as exceeding them can significantly increase the likelihood of accidents. Such was the case in a recent incident near Sakariya village on the Modasa-Godhra state highway. 

As an ST bus was en route from Dabhoi to Modasa, its tire burst, causing it to veer into the wrong side of the divider. At the same moment, a luxury bus traveling in the opposite direction collided with it. The impact of the accident was so severe that debris scattered in all directions, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Tragic Accident Near Sakariya Village Claims Three Lives

Tragic Accident Near Sakariya Village Claims Three Lives

In a devastating accident near Sakariya village, local residents quickly rushed to the scene to assist. The district police also promptly arrived to facilitate the removal of the deceased and alert the public. The accident resulted in the deaths of three individuals, including both the motorcyclist and passengers from the luxury bus, while three more fatalities occurred at the scene. 

Bus Accident

Additionally, more than 46 passengers were injured, with 13 in critical condition, necessitating immediate medical attention in Himatnagar. Emergency services, including 108 ambulance services, were actively engaged in rescue and evacuation efforts. Furthermore, a major announcement was made via 108 services, urging caution and informing the public about the ongoing police investigation into the incident.

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