Tragic Accident: 4-Year-Old Boy Loses Arm in Surat, Heartbreaking CCTV Footage Reveals

In the expansive area of Dindoli in Surat, a truck driver, running a speeding vehicle, accidentally hit a 4-year-old child. The impact was so severe that one of the child’s hands got severed. Following the incident, the child was rushed to the Civil Hospital in critical condition. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV cameras.

Gaurav’s Family and Their Connection with Dindoli

According to available information, Gaurav, a resident of Dindoli, belongs to the proud Dindoli family. The family consists of Gaurav, his parents, and three siblings. Gaurav works as a printing machine operator to support his family. Gaurav often visits the nearby Balaji Temple for regular worship.

Unexpected Encounter After a Temple Visit

This morning, Gaurav went to the Balaji Temple near Shreeji Society in Dindoli for a visit. After offering prayers, Gaurav was returning when he had an unexpected encounter. An ice cream truck, speeding through the crowded lane, accidentally ran into Gaurav. The impact was so forceful that Gaurav’s hand got caught under the truck’s tire.

Severe Injuries to Head, Hand, and Leg

Gaurav suffered serious injuries in the accident, and he, along with several locals, was immediately rushed to the Civil Hospital through 108 emergency services. Gaurav was promptly admitted, and primary examinations revealed severe injuries to his head, hand, and leg.

Fracture in the Left Leg

According to medical reports, the child’s hand has been severed, and the family brought it along. Gaurav is facing serious injuries to his head, both hands, and both legs. The injuries in the crushed leg have resulted in fractures. Currently, Gaurav is undergoing treatment in the surgical department of the hospital, showcasing remarkable courage in the face of adversity.

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