Tragic Rajkot Case: 3 Men Gangrape and Murder 8-Year-Old Girl

A missing girl from Laxminagar in Rajkot was found dead with severe head injuries. In this case, the police have arrested three suspects and are proceeding with legal action. During the police investigation, the accused allegedly committed a heinous crime against the 8-year-old girl, leading to her death. It is worth mentioning that the arrested suspects worked as laborers in a factory and had acquaintances with the girl’s family, which ultimately resulted in their involvement in the crime.

Police Obtain Vital Clues Regarding the Murder of the Missing Girl

According to available information, the lifeless body of the 8-year-old girl who went missing from Bhaktinagar Railway Station in Rajkot city was discovered in the bushes in Laxminagar locality. Subsequently, the Rajkot police initiated an investigation, supported by CCTV footage from the vicinity and human resources. During this process, a man named Mithilesh emerged as a person of interest, seen with the girl in the CCTV footage. He was taken into custody for further questioning. Amidst these developments, all three accused in the case have been apprehended and legal proceedings are underway.

Gangrape and Poison Angle Under Further Investigation

The Rajkot Crime Branch has initiated a comprehensive investigation based on recent developments. Three suspects, namely Mithilesh Kumar alias Kanaiyo Das (aged 24) from Viramgam, Bharat Meena (aged 38) from Rajasthan, and Amresh alias Brijesh (aged 25) from Rajkot, have been apprehended. Mithilesh was arrested from Viramgam, Bharat from Rajasthan, and Amresh alias Brijesh from Rajkot. The initial report of child abduction was registered by the Malaviyanagar Police. Subsequently, after the discovery of the girl’s body, additional charges of gangrape and poisoning were brought against the accused. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are being examined.

All the three Accused looked at the girl.

Among the arrested accused, Mithilesh and Bharat Meena both worked in the same factory. He lived in Laxminagar Street No-2. The deceased girl also lived with her family in Laxminagar Street No-2. As the accused and the girl’s father were familiar with each other, there was a practice of visiting each other’s houses. So Mithilesh, Bharat and Amresh had lost sight of the girl. Among these, Mithilesh lured the girl and took her to a deserted place near Bhaktinagar railway station. Where Bharat and Amresh Hazar were earlier. The three accused have confessed to raping the girl together during the police interrogation and this has also been proved in the medical report.

The girl’s head was Smashed with a big stone.

According to the plan, the accused Mithilesh lured the girl to a deserted place near the railway station in the dark of the evening on the pretext of giving her something. Mithilesh pressed the girl’s face and as per the pre-planned presence of Bharat and Amresh, the three accused picked up the girl and took her into the bushes and there the three persons simultaneously raped the girl fearing that if she was allowed to live, she would report the incident to her father. The three accused hit the girl on the head and other parts of the body with a big stone lying there, causing serious injuries, killing the girl and escaping.

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