Expressway Chaos: 2 Accidents in 1 Hour Near Vadodara – Parents Killed, 2 Survivors; Bus Collides with Eicher, 8 Injured

Early this morning, a tragic accident occurred near Ajwa Crossroads on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Expressway, where an unidentified vehicle struck a motorcycle traveling from Surat to Ahmedabad. The collision resulted in the death of a couple, while their two children sustained injuries and were taken to Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara for treatment. Just an hour later, another accident took place on the same expressway. 

A driver stopped his Eicher truck on the side of the road to observe the earlier accident. However, a luxury bus collided with the stationary truck, lost control, jumped the divider, and crashed into a studio wall. This second accident resulted in injuries to 7-8 passengers. These incidents highlight the dire need for increased vigilance and safety measures on the expressway.

Heart-Wrenching Scenes Unfold

Heart-Wrenching Scenes Unfold

Heart-wrenching scenes emerged from the first accident where an unidentified vehicle struck a motorcycle, resulting in the tragic death of the parents. The sight of their two innocent children was profoundly distressing, enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. 

In one photograph, an injured son is seen next to his mother’s lifeless body, a scene that moved many to tears. Another image shows the children receiving treatment in a 108 ambulance. A third photograph reveals the young motorcyclist with severe head injuries, underscoring the brutality of the accident. These images starkly highlight the devastating impact of the incident.

People were rescued with luggage from the bus

Bus Breaks Through Divider and Crashes into Wall

Traffic ACP J.I. Vasava reported that at 6:20 AM, a tragic accident occurred on the highway from Surat to Ahmedabad. A couple riding a motorcycle with their children was struck by an unidentified vehicle, leading to the parents’ deaths. Upon identifying the couple, their relatives from Dahod were contacted. 

The injured children were immediately taken to Sayaji Hospital for treatment. About an hour later, another accident happened on the expressway from Ahmedabad to Surat. A luxury bus collided with a truck, broke through the iron railing of the divider, and crashed into the wall of Lakshmi Studio. 

Both the truck driver and the bus driver sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital. Passengers inside the bus also suffered minor injuries and received on-site first aid from a 108 ambulance.

An unknown vehicle crushed the biker couple in a stream of blood on the road

Passengers’ Terrifying Experience Inside the Bus

The passengers inside the bus were gripped with fear as the accident unfolded. Their cries for help echoed through the expressway, creating a scene of panic and chaos. Fortunately, despite the severity of the crash, there were no major casualties. 

The fire department promptly responded and successfully rescued 30 passengers from the bus, ensuring their safety. This quick response prevented what could have been a much more tragic outcome.

Two innocents lost their parents in the accident

Temporary Traffic Disruption on Expressway

The accidents caused a temporary traffic disruption on the expressway. As soon as the incidents were reported, four 108 ambulances, emergency response teams, Panigate fire crews, and police rushed to the scene. 

The police quickly worked to clear the traffic, and normal vehicle movement was restored shortly after. Emergency responders managed the situation efficiently, ensuring that the flow of traffic resumed smoothly.

Masumo was treated by 108 personnel and shifted to Sayaji Hospital

Passengers Were Traveling from Rajasthan to Surat

All the passengers in the luxury bus involved in the accident were traveling from Rajasthan to Surat. The Eicher truck driver, who sustained injuries, was taken to the hospital for treatment. The private bus driver also received medical attention. 

Despite the severity of the crash, quick response from emergency services helped manage the situation effectively and ensured that all injured individuals received prompt care.

The bus crashed into the studio wall

Early Morning Call: Fire Officer’s Account

Amit Chaudhary, a fire officer from Panigate Fire Station, reported receiving a call about the incident around 6 AM. The accident occurred near Ajwa Crossroads on the road towards Surat. A collision between an Eicher truck and a bus caused the bus to veer off the service road and into a gutter. 

Despite the crash, all passengers were safe, with only minor injuries reported. The sleeper bus was traveling from Rajasthan to Surat when the accident happened. The Eicher truck was lifted and moved to the side with police assistance. 

The passengers’ belongings were secured by the police, who are ensuring that any lost items are returned to their rightful owners. Approximately 30 to 35 passengers were rescued from the bus. The driver of the Eicher truck has been hospitalized.

Crowds of people gathered following the incident

Presence of Four Ambulances on Scene: Dinesh Bhuriya

According to Dinesh Bhuriya from the EMT, we received a call in the morning, and at that time, four ambulances from 108 arrived at the scene. About 7 to 8 people were injured in this incident. 

Fortunately, there were no major casualties. All individuals, regardless of the severity of their injuries, have been provided with appropriate medical care.

The bus was rescued with the help of a crane

All Passengers Were Trapped Inside: Rakesh Sharma

A passenger named Rakesh Sharma informed us that they were traveling from Rajasthan to Surat. The accident occurred due to a collision with a bike, which was caused by the sudden appearance of an Eicher tempo. 

sudden appearance of an Eicher tempo

As a result, the bus veered off course and crashed straight into a wall, injuring 8 to 10 people. All passengers were trapped inside, and the front glass had to be broken to rescue everyone.

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