Truck Collision on Vadodara’s National Highway, Overturns, 4 Rescued with Minor Injuries

Last night, an accident occurred on the Vadodara National Highway near the Dena Circle, where a car and a truck collided unexpectedly. The impact of the collision caused the car to flip over. Local residents and the police managed to rescue four individuals trapped inside the car. They were immediately taken to Sayaji Hospital for treatment, and all of them are reported to be in stable condition.

Surat Family Involved in Sudden Incident

On their way back to Surat after completing a religious event, an unexpected incident unfolded on the Vadodara National Highway near Dena Circle. The accident involved a car carrying four people, and it collided with a truck, resulting in the car overturning. Prompt assistance from locals and the police led to the safe rescue of the injured individuals, who were then rushed to S.S.G. Hospital. The affected family from Surat, namely Sonalben Rajeshbhai Zaveri (age 58, residing in Western Aerial Apartment, Pal, Surat), Chetan Navinchandra Desai (age 52), Mitaben Chetanbhai Desai (age 54), and Hetalbhai Navinchandra Desai (age 47, residing in Marudhar Residency, Galaxy Circle, Surat), received medical attention at Sayaji Hospital. They are currently stable, as confirmed by the attending physicians.

Traffic Jams Caused by Sudden Mishap 

In response to the accident involving the affected individuals, the police have increased their investigation. Relatives of the injured individuals received immediate news about the incident and rushed to Sayaji Hospital. The truck driver involved in the collision is also under police scrutiny. The accident caused significant traffic congestion at the scene.

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