Hies Global Consultancy Owner and Employee in Visa Scam: Millions Defrauded via Fake Offer Letters

The owner, partner, and an employee of Hies Global Consultancy, based in Anand, have been caught orchestrating a scam worth lakhs of rupees with customers wishing to travel abroad based on false offer letters and balance certificates. The primary investigation into this trio has revealed a total scam of Rs. 20.60 lakhs from 4 customers. Further investigation is underway with other customers. The police have taken note of this trio’s fraudulent activities and are conducting an investigation.

Police Seize 4 Computers and Rs. 1.34 Lakhs in Anand Fraud Case

Anand’s Maruti Solaris Mall witnessed another scam involving false offer letters and original offer letters manipulated by Manishbhai Manharbhai Patel, the owner of Hies Global Consultancy. Anand LCB Police took action against him and seized his property. Several employees were present during the raid, some of whom were caught working on computers. Cyber experts were called in to check all computer data. It was revealed that offer letters and balance certificates were forged. Police confiscated a total of 4 computer systems valued at Rs. 84,800, along with a mobile phone worth Rs. 50,000, totaling Rs. 1,34,800, and handed the case over to Anand Town Police for further investigation.

Employee Reports to Police

An employee of Hies Global Consultancy, Kishan Jagdishbhai Soni, has reported the matter to the police. He reveals that the office is involved in advertising visa-related services through social media, collecting registration fees, government/travel fees, totaling approximately Rs. 60,000. This amount is deposited into the bank accounts of Manishbhai, followed by online job applications and false promises of refunding the money to customers if the work does not materialize.

Partial Refunds to Unsatisfied Customers

If the work is not completed, a partial refund is promised to some customers. Another program under the name HP11 is also operated by this consultancy. Customers pay a starting fee, and if the total amount reaches Rs. 14 lakhs, they are required to pay an advance of Rs. 2 lakhs. An additional Rs. 20 is taken when submitting the offer letter, and another Rs. 20 when the file is finalized. However, if the file is rejected, discussions are held with the owner, and some amount is refunded to the customer.

Fees for Free Registration

Similarly, registration in the PR FILE costs customers between Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs during registration, which is actually free, and an additional Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs are taken when submitting the file. This is a fraudulent activity conducted by Fuldeep Rajeshbhai Parmar, whose actual fee is only Rs. 23,000. Around 30 to 40 customers are charged Rs. 1.50 to 2 lakhs each for this.

False Contact Numbers and Email IDs in Offer Letters

The contact number shown in the offer letter of Sophia Smith in this sub-way is purchased by Manishbhai from NUMERO E-SIM. He pays the SIM fee from his HDFC BANK account every month. This person handles all office transactions from RBI Bank and Axis Bank. Customers are also emailed fake email IDs during interviews. The email ID provided in the offer letter regarding the interview conducted by the Hies Global Group’s Singh Vadodara office is also fraudulent. Interviews are conducted based on the offer letter, and questions are asked that are entirely fraudulent.

Employee Misconduct in Editing Offer Letters and Balance Sheets

An employee of the office used to edit fraudulent offer letters and balance sheets. Fuldeep Rajeshbhai Parmar, working in the office, used to edit them on computers. After editing, Manishbhai would keep the files on his hard disk and send them for upload through Kuldip Parmar. Therefore, I didn’t have any knowledge about uploading the documents; Manishbhai used to handle the entire branch’s work from this office. Manishbhai, Manharbhai Patel, and their partners Bharatbhai Harmabhai Patel used to come to this office and give instructions on how to work in all branches.

Complaints Regarding 20.60 Lakh Fraud with Four Customers

Yes, the Hies Global Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., directors Mineshbhai Manharbhai Patel and Bharatbhai Harmabhai Patel, had announced to provide separate visas at cheap rates to people in their file worth $350 (approximately 22,000 rupees) instead of taking 1.50 to 1.75 lakh rupees. There will be around 300 such files. They used to submit files taking 60,000 rupees per file instead of 12,000 rupees in the visitor visa. There are approximately 1200 such files. When these files were rejected, some amount of money was returned. In this way, all directors met and took a total of 20,60,061 rupees from Hardik Patel (Stay – Manku), Shahnavaz Saiyad, Dinaben Patel (Stay-Surat), and Mayank Desai (Stay-Navsari), but did not provide the refund. A complaint regarding this fraud has been lodged at the LCBI Police Station in Anand Town by the police, based on which, action is being taken under IPC sections 406, 420, 120-B, 465, 467, 468, and 471 against Kuldip Rajeshbhai Parmar for editing fraudulent balance sheets.

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