Ranjanben vs Jyotiben: Ranjanben Bhatt Withdraws Candidacy Amid BJP Conflict

During the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting, Ranjanben Bhatt withdrew her candidacy this morning amidst internal conflicts within the BJP. For the past week, Ranjanben, who is a BJP worker herself, has been openly addressing criticisms from party functionaries and leaders but refrained from escalating the dispute. Finally, the decision was made for Ranjanben to withdraw her “weighty” ticket. This decision was not only taken by Vadodara’s party workers and leaders but also by the top leadership of the BJP, as she had made comments publicly that were seen as constant belittling.

Some time ago, during a public event, the Chief Minister had addressed development issues between Ahmedabad and Surat, leaving Vadodara behind. Such comments were interpreted as a setback for Vadodara’s development. After withdrawing her candidacy, Ranjanben stated that it was now up to the divine will, indicating her decision not to contest anymore. Similarly, Jyotiben Pandya expressed that whatever happens is for the best, according to the divine will.

Today, YogAnuyog has been worn by Kesari alone.

Jyotiben Pandya expressed that I became the medium to talk to all the people of Vadodara. Whatever has happened is for the best. That is why I say that it is for everyone. There is no doubt in Modi Ji’s leadership. I have spoken from divine inspiration. We are all united. What I said has been said from a public platform. The party and all the people outside the party are awake. There is no doubt in Modi Ji’s decisions. Today, instead of talking negatively, we are talking positively. In this, Vadodara’s interest is being taken care of. My ego doesn’t matter when it comes to Vadodara’s interests. There was a lot of pain while discussing this matter. God will first decide and then I will talk. Since we were all united, such decisions could be made, otherwise, no one person could have made this decision. If I speak in our Vadodara’s language, then let it be Hari for all, this is what humanity believes. Many times such situations arise that the family has to take decisions if it is big. My DNA is of Kesari. Today, YogAnuyog has been worn by Kesari alone. The party has suspended me. Which does not bother me.

In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi contested Lok Sabha elections for the first time from both Vadodara and Varanasi constituencies.

He faced defamation for 10-12 days.

Ranjanben Bhatt expressed that today I worshiped God in the morning, I consider Avadhoot. I feel that the way I have been defamed in Vadodara for the last 10-12 days, it is appropriate for me to pull back my candidacy, so I am pulling back my candidacy. I have not spoken to anyone. Bharatbhai Shah came to me, and I expressed my desire to him. He made a great effort to explain to me. He said that we should talk in the party, you should not do this, but I said no, I do not want to contest.

It is appropriate for me to pull back my candidacy.

Ranjanben was told that the Prime Minister had given her the opportunity to serve Vadodara for 10 years. I have dedicatedly served Vadodara. My workers and people have given me a lot of love. Whatever was going on, you are also aware of it. My Vadodara people also know that lies are being spread continuously. In this, I felt that if I fight the routine election every day, it will only lead to this, so it is appropriate for me to not contest.

If the opposition celebrates, it’s fine.

She further expressed, ‘I am a very strong woman. Today, I have made this decision, so there are absolutely no tears in my eyes. I am grateful to my Bharatiya Janata Party and the Prime Minister. Today, my party is not telling me to contest again. I have voluntarily withdrawn my candidacy. Let the other workers handle it. I am not contesting now. If the opposition celebrates, it’s fine. They have been celebrating for so many days. If they celebrate more, what difference does it make to me? My people are happy with my service. If I don’t contest, who cares? The party did not tell me to take the ticket and not fight. It’s not appropriate to make baseless allegations. Therefore, I withdraw my ticket, let others contest.

If any worker comes, his victory is assured.

Further elaborating, she mentioned, ‘I will work for my Bharatiya Janata Party. The Prime Minister has given me the ticket for the third time, which I am accepting. This seat is such that whoever wins it is the top leader. If any worker comes, his victory is assured. If Congress leader Modi Sahab shows affection to me, I say that such people should join the Bharatiya Janata Party. In the Bharatiya Janata Party, it is not necessary to become an MP to serve. Even as a worker, one should contribute to fulfilling Modi Ji’s vision of a developed India. I too will work as a worker.

As a party worker, I support the Bharatiya Janata Party,” said Ranjanben.

In conclusion, Ranjanben stated that she now supports the party’s decision to give tickets to anyone, as she believes in working for the party as a worker. Perhaps her party will be surprised to learn of Ranjanben’s decision and wonder what prompted her to do so. I was sitting with my relatives, and I felt quite emotional. Enduring such defamation for 10 days. As a woman, there is a limit to tolerating such defamation. As a party worker, I will support the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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