BJP Targets ‘Arjun’ After Ambarish: Modhwadia to Resign as MLA; Shankar Chaudhary Rushes to Gandhinagar

After resigning from Congress, Arjun Modhwadia, former Pradesh Congress Committee Chief, can now chant ‘Ram Ram’ for Congress. He reached his residence in Ahmedabad, where he was greeted with applause. Arjun Modhwadia is expected to resign from the position of MLA before meeting Shankar Chaudhary, the former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, to resign from the position of MLA. Shankar Chaudhary is currently in Gandhinagar, organizing his future plans.

Congress Suspends Ambarish Der from Party for 6 Years

While Ambarish Der was meeting Ambarish Der’s Patil this morning (4th March 2024), Congress held a press conference on Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat tour, where Congress Pradesh President Shaktisinh Gohil announced that Ambarish Der has been suspended from Congress for 6 years. Earlier, before resigning, Der had already been suspended from the party. Ambarish Der will resign from his primary membership in Congress before joining BJP.

“I Haven’t Chased Positions After Politics” – Ambarish Der

After resigning, Ambarish Der said, “I haven’t chased positions after coming into politics. My biggest regret is Congress’ stand on the Ram Temple. I haven’t made any deals. I started public life in 2003. I have worked for 20 years in the youth wing in Amreli district. For the last three years, I have been speaking fearlessly within the party. I have spoken about the Ram Temple and Article 370. There is diversity in the country, but unity is also strong. I have been invited by Patil for the last three years. Wherever I go, I will keep my relationships, I will maintain my relationships in Congress. The paths will be different, but my focus is on serving the people.”

“Nothing Decided Yet in Rahul’s Meeting”

Former MLA Ambarish Der said, “There has been discussion about the Ram Temple for 550 years, but it should not be seen as something not to go there. I don’t want to defame the Congress party and leaders. I will join BJP at 12:30 today. All workers and supporters will be united in the coming days. The BJP central leadership offered me to join BJP. Without any deal, I joined BJP. If there are differences of opinion, there is no need for a deal, there is nothing decided yet in Rahul’s meeting. I have fought elections in the mass society. The position is not important; I joined BJP to serve the people. I did not leave BJP in the past, there were appropriate conditions at the local level, so I joined BJP. There is no enemy in politics.”

“Grateful to Congress Party for the Opportunity to Serve”

Ambarish Der resigned from the position of National General Secretary of Congress to concentrate on the present situation and resigned from all positions of Gujarat Congress Pradesh Executive. In the past, I have won under the Congress banner and served the people. I am grateful to the Congress party for the opportunity to serve. Please accept my resignation.

Meeting at Der’s House in Ahmedabad with Patil

Today, there was a meeting at Ambarish Der’s house in Science City Extension, Ahmedabad, with Patil. At this time, Mayabhai Ahir was also present there. The political vortex of the Ahir community is underway to persuade him to join BJP. At this meeting, Mayabhai Ahir, former state BJP minister Raghu Humbal, BJP leader Bharat Dangar, and former Chief Secretary of the state and Rajula’s veteran P.K. Laheri were also present.

Ambarish Der Attempt to Nurture Political Alliances

In a social event organized in Amreli in November 2021, the BJP state president C.R. Paatil made an attempt to nurture the Congress MLA Ambarish Der’ support. Paatil humorously mentioned that he would have to struggle one day to persuade Der to join BJP, as it was his right to struggle. He further elaborated that just as they reserve a seat for Der in the bus by placing a handkerchief, they have also reserved a place for him in their party. Following Paatil’s plea, Ambarish Der responded by stating that efforts are being made to bring candidates who can win elections from all parties into BJP.

Ambarish Der Preference for Congress Despite BJP’s Attempts

Four months prior to this incident, there was an indication from Paatil that Ambarish Der is favored. During the inauguration of a newly constructed hospital in Veraval in November 2023, several dignitaries including the Chief Minister of the state Bhupendra Patel and other BJP leaders were present. During the event, C.R. Paatil hinted at his preference for Ambarish Der by addressing him as a respected friend and expressing his desire to bring him into the BJP.

Ambarish Der Discontent with Congress over Ram Temple Issue

During the time of the Ram Temple’s inauguration ceremony, Ambarish Der along with other Congress leaders expressed dissatisfaction with Sonia Gandhi, Congress’ national president Mallikarjun Kharge, and Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury for declining the invitation. Ambarish Der and Arjun Modhvadia, along with some other Congress leaders, were upset with this decision. Amidst this, Ambarish Der tweeted expressing his displeasure, stating that Lord Ram is a revered deity and building the temple was a natural course of action reflecting the faith of countless people in India. He suggested that Congress leaders should respect public sentiment and heed their opinions.

Ambarish Der Potential Joining of BJP and its Implications on Hira Solanki

Following Paatil’s plea, discussions have begun in Amreli’s political circles regarding whether Der will join BJP or not. If he does, it raises questions about the fate of Rajula’s MLA and former parliamentary secretary Hira Solanki. Solanki’s dominance remains intact in Rajula’s meetings. In the 2017 assembly elections, Ambarish Der had lost to BJP’s Hira Solanki in Rajula’s meeting.

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