ISRO Chief S. Somanath Battles Cancer, Returns to Work 5 Days After Hospitalization

Renowned scientist S. Somanath, the head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was battling cancer during the launch time of India’s solar mission Aditya-L1. In an interview, Somanath confirmed that he was diagnosed with cancer during a routine scanning. Health issues arose during the Chandrayaan-3 mission launch, but the details were not explicitly disclosed. He mentioned that he received information about his illness on the day of the Aditya mission launch, causing distress to his family.

Challenges Faced by Scientists

Other scientists working with Somanath were also affected by this shocking news. However, he maintained control over his emotional state and continued to work efficiently. He sought medical attention and underwent further investigation in Chennai. It was then revealed that his illness was genetically predisposed.

Discovery of Stomach Scan Revealing Cancer

Within a few days, the diagnosis of cancer was confirmed through a stomach scan. Subsequently, Somanath underwent surgery and followed a course of chemotherapy. He revealed that the entire family was distressed during the crisis. However, Somanath received strong support from his family and friends during this challenging time.

Steady Progress and Recovery

Somanath expressed that the recovery process would take time, but he was determined to fight this battle. Despite spending only four days in the hospital, he managed to complete his work and resume duties. Regular medical check-ups and scans have become part of his routine. He acknowledged the support received from ISRO and his family, emphasizing that he is now fully recovered and focused on ISRO’s missions and launches.

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