Ranjanben Bhatt Reluctance to Contest Vadodara Lok Sabha Polls, Jyotiben and Ketan Inamdar’s Pressure Worked

In a notable turn of events within the Vadodara BJP, candidate Ranjanben Bhatt has withdrawn her candidacy for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, citing factionalism. This decision was communicated through her social media handles. 

Bhatt stated that due to personal reasons, she no longer wishes to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It is speculated that pressure from Jyotiben Pandya and Ketan Inamdar might have influenced Bhatt’s decision to step back from the candidacy.

Vadodara Lok Sabha Meeting Becomes Center of Discussion

The Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting became the focal point of heated discussions in the city and district’s political circles, especially after BJP candidate Ranjanben Bhatt’s name was announced for the third time. 

Tensions escalated within the Vadodara BJP when Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, former national vice-president of BJP Mahila Morcha, criticized Ranjanben for alleged corruption issues. This criticism led to expressions of dissatisfaction. Consequently, the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting became the central topic of discussion.

Vadodara Lok Sabha

Banner Waving Incidents Cause Chaos in City Streets

Three days ago, near the intersection of Harni Road and Sangam Char Rasta, various societies witnessed uproar as supporters of Vadodara Lok Sabha BJP candidate Ranjanben Bhatt clashed over banner waving

However, the situation escalated when police intervened to stop Congress workers, including Harish alias Hari Ode and Dhruvit Vasava, from putting up banners. Their actions were deemed a violation of the Model Code of Conduct, prompting authorities to take action and question them.

Interrogation of Hari Ode, Banner Installer

In the expansive vicinity of Sangam Char Rasta, police were seen interrogating Hari Ode, also known as Harish, for his involvement in installing banners. 

Simultaneously, near the Vadodara Development Circle and the City Mayor’s office, discontent brewed over perceived lack of development in Vadodara, further fueling the chaos surrounding banner installations. The banner issue remained a topic of discussion in the city’s political circles throughout the day.

Why Internal Discord Arose in Vadodara BJP

With the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, internal discord within the BJP has surfaced. The decision to repeat Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting for the third time stirred discontent among several prominent figures in the city’s BJP, notably former mayor Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, who was overseeing preparations for the meeting. 

Pandya publicly expressed her dissatisfaction after being denied a ticket, without formally resigning from the party. She also levied corruption allegations against sitting MP Ranjanben Bhatt, sparking upheaval within the party.

Contemplation within the Executive Committee

Following the immediate suspension of Dr. Jyotiben Pandya from the BJP, there was widespread discontent within the party; however, her suspension did not alleviate tensions within the BJP. Many party members also expressed internal dissatisfaction. 

Several office bearers voiced their grievances by calling and expressing their discontent to both regional and national party leaders. Consequently, the Executive Committee also deliberated on the possibility of changing the candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting.

Intense Internal Resentment within Vadodara BJP

Information circulating through political circles revealed deep internal resentment within the Vadodara BJP regarding the decision to repeat Ranjanben Bhatt as the candidate for the Lok Sabha meeting. Discussions about changing the candidate had begun within the party. Today, it has been confirmed that such discussions indeed took place. 

At that time, Savli Assembly member Ketan Inamdar resigned from his assembly position through an email to the Vidhan Sabha President. This sparked a political drama that unfolded throughout the day, turning Vadodara into a political epicenter. Following a meeting with C.R. Patil in the evening, Ketan Inamdar changed his stance, stating, “I will not contest the 2027 elections. I am content; I withdraw my resignation.”

Ketan Inamdar Resigns Under Political Pressure Drama

Ketan Inamdar Resigns Under Political Pressure Drama

Ketan Inamdar’s resignation took a dramatic turn as he sought to create political pressure. In a move that unfolded during the late hours, Inamdar sent an email to Shankar Chaudhary, the Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker, tendering his resignation from his assembly position. 

This maneuver was a strategic political move aimed at exerting pressure within the realm of politics.

Chronology of Meeting with Patil After Sending Resignation Email (March 19)

  • 1:35 AM: Sent resignation email.
  • 9:00 AM: Discussed staying with BJP.
  • 11:00 AM: Efforts to persuade Inamdar began.
  • Rajesh Pathak and Hakubha tried to persuade.
  • 2:00 PM: Inamdar arrived at Gandhi Nagar to meet Patil.
  • 2:30 PM: Meeting between Patil and Inamdar commenced.
  • After meeting with Patil, at 3:15 PM, it was stated, “I am considering withdrawing my resignation.”

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