3 Dead, 3 Critical: Gas Tragedy Strikes Surendranagar Coal Mine; Blast Unveils ‘Death Mine’ Again

In the district of Surendranagar, the proliferation of unregulated coal mines has turned into a death trap for impoverished laborers, as “mines of death” emerge with alarming frequency. Just 21 days after the heart-wrenching incident in Muli taluka, where three laborers met their demise after being buried alive while digging a well, another grim chapter unfolds. This time, in the Devpara village, three more laborers succumb to toxic gas inhalation while attempting to extract coal after a blast in a makeshift coal mine, set off by gelignite. 

The severity of the condition of the three laborers remains grave as authorities grapple with the aftermath. With two serious incidents resulting in fatalities within just 21 days, serious questions are being raised about the efficacy of regulatory mechanisms concerning unregulated labor practices. The District Collector has emphasized that no leniency will be shown towards any individual engaging in unauthorized work.

Tragic Incident: Non-Regulated Coal Mine Blast Claims Lives in Surendranagar

Tragic Incident: Non-Regulated Coal Mine Blast Claims Lives in Surendranagar

In Devpara, Surendranagar district, a devastating incident unfolded as a gelignite blast occurred in a non-regulated coal mine where carbosels were operational. Laborers from Rajasthan were brought in to extract coal from the mines. However, due to the gelignite blast, there was a leakage of gas in the mine, leading to the collapse of a section where five laborers were working. Regrettably, three of the laborers lost their lives in the mishap. The remaining three laborers sustained severe injuries and were immediately rushed for medical treatment to address their critical condition.

Police Response to the Tragic Incident in Devpara, Surendranagar

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, H.P. Doshi, has disclosed that in a distressing occurrence in Devpara village, Surendranagar district, three laborers from Rajasthan lost their lives due to a gas leak in a coal mine. Presently, the bodies of the three deceased laborers are undergoing post-mortem examinations at a government hospital, while investigations into the incident are underway. The police have also initiated an inquiry into the complaint filed regarding this tragic event.

“Those Engaging in Unauthorized Work Are Not Spared,” Asserts Surendranagar District Collector

Surendranagar district Collector K.C. Sampat has expressed deep sorrow over the recent unfortunate incident. He mentioned that individuals engaging in unauthorized activities have been exploiting the innocence of local laborers. Discussions are underway with the Superintendent of Police to address this issue comprehensively. 

It has been observed that those involved in unauthorized activities refrain from paying attention even after detailed discussions. Currently, more than 1,200 unauthorized pits have been identified. Despite this, some individuals continue to dig new pits, exploiting external laborers. However, those found involved in such activities will not be spared from legal consequences.

Another Tragedy Strikes: Three More Laborers Lose Lives in Mine Incident

Another Tragedy Strikes: Three More Laborers Lose Lives in Mine Incident

Within just 21 days of the previous tragedy, another heart-wrenching incident has occurred in the Surendranagar district, where a second incident claims the lives of three laborers. This time, the incident took place in the vicinity of Gadhada village in Muli taluka. On January 24th, during the excavation of a well, three individuals tragically lost their lives due to a collapse caused by unstable soil conditions. 

Even 21 days ago, three laborers died

Just six days after this event, a complaint was filed with the police attributing the deaths of three laborers to negligence in safety measures during their descent into a well without proper safety equipment. Following the fatalities of the laborers, the bodies were laid to rest without undergoing post-mortem examination, as informed by the police. This incident marks yet another devastating event within the district, raising serious concerns about the safety protocols and the welfare of laborers engaged in hazardous work environments.

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