Unjha Tragedy: 30 Injured in Fireworks Explosion at Prana Pratishtha Festival, Including Innocent Children

A solemn turn of events occurred today during the ongoing program of Ganapatidada’s Pranapratistha Mohotsav in Brahmanwada, Unjha taluka, Mehsana district. The festivities took a tragic turn when a burst firecracker inadvertently ignited a gas balloon, resulting in a massive explosion that claimed the lives of approximately 30 individuals, including innocent children.

Tragic Fire Erupts as Gas Balloons Ignite at Ganapati Dada’s Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav in Brahmanwada, Unjha

During the commemoration of Ganapati Dada’s Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav in Brahmanwada, Unjha, a distressing incident unfolded today. A significant congregation of pilgrims and devotees had assembled to partake in the festivities. Unfortunately, amidst the celebration, a tragic turn occurred when individuals holding gas balloons experienced a severe fire outbreak triggered by a neighboring firework display.

The ensuing fire caused grievous harm to approximately 30 individuals who were in proximity to the gas balloons. The intensity of the flames led to severe burns and injuries among those holding the balloons, marking a distressing turn during the festivity.

Swift Medical Response

Swift Medical Response and Referral Protocols Implemented for Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav Incident Victims

In the aftermath of the tragic incident during Ganapati Dada’s Prana Pratishtha Mohotsav in Brahmanwada, Unjha, a well-coordinated emergency response was executed. All individuals who sustained injuries were promptly provided with first aid at the scene, demonstrating a swift and efficient initial medical intervention.

Given the nature and extent of the injuries, a strategic decision was made to refer a subset of patients to General Hospital Unjha for advanced and specialized medical treatment. Simultaneously, approximately 25 patients were referred to Lions Hospital for further care, emphasizing the importance of leveraging specialized healthcare resources to address the diverse medical needs arising from the incident.

Update: No Fatalities Reported in Ganapati Temple Festival Incident; Over 30 Individuals Receive Medical Attention

The incident, characterized by a massive explosion resulting from firecrackers during the Ganapati temple festival, led to injuries for over 30 individuals. Contrary to earlier concerns, there have been no reported fatalities, marking a positive development amidst the unfortunate circumstances.

The injured received swift first aid at the Primary Health Center (PHC) and Unjha Sub-District Hospital (SDH). The strategic deployment of immediate medical care played a crucial role in stabilizing the condition of the victims. Following initial treatment, the injured were transferred to Lions Hospital in Mehsana for further specialized care.

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