Team IND Victory Boosts Wealth: 15 Members, Coach to Own Rajkot Plots in Shivam Gemin Ind. Zone: Keyur Dholaria

The impending final match of the 2023 World Cup, slated between India and Australia, is scheduled to take place tomorrow at the esteemed Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Preceding this crucial encounter, an enticing reward has been declared for the Indian team in Rajkot. In the event of a triumphant outcome, each of the 15 players and the additional 16 members, inclusive of the coach, will be bestowed with a parcel of industrial land valued at 251 times the sum of 10 lakhs. This generous declaration emanated from Keyur Dholaria, the former president of the Sarpanch Association of Rajkot taluka, erstwhile Sarpanch of Gadka Gram Panchayat, and a prominent leader within the district’s BJP.

It is noteworthy that a similar announcement was made in 2003 by the late Subrata Roy, the erstwhile head of the Sahara Group. At that time, Roy had declared the allocation of plots in the Ambe Valley project on the Mumbai-Pune highway for the Indian cricketers. Unfortunately, despite the promising gesture, India met with defeat in the match against Australia. Now, after two decades, India finds itself once again in a face-off against Australia in the World Cup final. While the players of Team India hail from diverse states, the prospect of victory will render them a unified address, symbolized by the aforementioned industrial plots in Rajkot.

Millions of Cricket Fans Will Increase the Passion of the Indian Team

The fervor of millions of cricket enthusiasts is poised to elevate the spirits of the Indian cricket team. In an interview with Divya Bhaskar, Keyur Dholaria articulated that the Indian team has consistently exhibited commendable performances throughout the ongoing World Cup, leaving a trail of disappointment for formidable opponents in both league matches and semi-finals. The forthcoming final, set to unfold on November 19 at the colossal Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, will witness an influx of hundreds of thousands of cricket aficionados, further intensifying the fervency surrounding the Indian team.

This monumental event is expected to draw a significant presence, with the world’s largest cricket stadium becoming the focal point of passionate cricket supporters. Adding to the spectacle, the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, is slated to grace the occasion, contributing to the heightened enthusiasm in support of the Indian team.

When the Lothda Industrial Zone Area Received the Plot

Upon the allocation of plots in the Lothda Industrial Zone area, the notion to confer a memorable accolade upon the Indian cricket team materialized. With unwavering confidence in the team’s triumph in the final match, it was determined to extend this honor to the 15 members constituting the victorious Indian team, along with the additional 16 members, inclusive of the coach. These plots, situated in the Lothda Industrial Zone area—a pivotal segment of the Rajkot Industrial Zone—have been earmarked in the esteemed Shivam Gemin Industrial Zone. Noteworthy for its contemporary amenities and strategic proximity to Kathrota, this locale is envisioned to be a hub of industrial activity.

There’s an electric fervor pulsating through cricket enthusiasts nationwide as they fervently pray for India’s triumph in the impending match. Bolstered by the stellar performances of the Indian cricket team throughout the World Cup, the populace eagerly anticipates witnessing the team ascend as the world champions. The tournament has acted as a unifying force, igniting flames of unity, patriotism, and a heightened sense of cohesion among the populace.

Amidst this charged atmosphere, the announcement of awarding distinct plots not just to the players but also to the coach has added another layer of excitement among cricket aficionados. This gesture has contributed to the heightened thrill and fervor surrounding the impending match, further amplifying the collective anticipation and support for the Indian team.

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