World Cup Security: Iron-clad Police and NDRF Ready for Diverse Threats, CP Malik Ensures Safety

In anticipation of the highly anticipated World Cup final scheduled for tomorrow, the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner has provided a detailed overview of the comprehensive security measures in place. Notably, information pertaining to the attendance of numerous celebrities and political dignitaries has been disclosed, with a remarkable lineup of over 100 VVIPs expected to grace the event.

Among the distinguished guests, the presence of the Chief Minister, Prime Minister, Minister of State for Home, and Union Home Ministers from more than 8 states has been confirmed. This prestigious gathering is further enhanced by the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and a delegation from Australia.

Robust Security Measures in Place for Ahmedabad City Ahead of Major Event

In anticipation of a significant event, the Ahmedabad Police Department has meticulously prepared to ensure public order and safety in the city. A comprehensive deployment of law enforcement personnel has been organized, comprising a total of 6,000 officers, including four Inspector Generals (IG), four Deputy Inspector Generals (DIG), 23 Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCP), and one Rapid Action Force (RAF) unit. This strategic placement of personnel is designed to maintain a high level of security and facilitate a safe environment for residents and visitors alike.

Recognizing the importance of communal areas, special security arrangements have been instituted to address any potential challenges that may arise in these zones. The deployment strategy takes into account the diverse security needs of the city, ensuring a proactive and adaptive response to varying situations.

Distinguished Gathering Confirmed for ICC World Cup Final in Ahmedabad

As the final match of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Ahmedabad approaches, an illustrious array of dignitaries is set to grace the event, further elevating its significance. Among the distinguished attendees are the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and Minister of State for Home, creating a notable governmental presence. Additionally, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and an accompanying Australian delegation will contribute to the international flair of the occasion.

The guest list extends to include esteemed personalities such as justices from the Supreme Court and Gujarat High Court, ambassadors from Singapore, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as prominent industrialist Lakshmi Mittal. The family entourage will also feature the Chief Ministers of Assam and Meghalaya, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, and Jyotir Aditya Scindia, enhancing the diverse representation.

Noteworthy additions to the gathering include the Reserve Bank of India Governor, several state ministers, and the Chief Ministers of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. The presence of Tamil Nadu Minister for Youth Welfare Udayanidhi, along with industrialist Nita Ambani, adds further distinction to the event.

Eminent Dignitaries Confirmed to Attend ICC World Cup Final in Ahmedabad

The ICC World Cup final in Ahmedabad is set to be graced by a distinguished gathering of notable personalities from various spheres. Confirmed attendees include:

  1. Anurag Singh Thakur: Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting
  2. Jyotir Aditya Scindia: Union Minister of Civil Aviation
  3. RBI Governor: Head of the Reserve Bank of India
  4. American Ambassador (Eric Gassetti): Diplomatic representative of the United States
  5. Assam CM Hemanta Biswa Sarma: Chief Minister of Assam
  6. Deputy CM of Australia 
  7. Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
  8. Australian Ambassador: Diplomatic representative of Australia
  9. Nita Ambani: Noted industrialist and philanthropist
  10. High Court-Supreme Court Judges of Courts of other States: Judicial representatives from various high courts and the Supreme Court
  11. Ambassador of the UAE: Diplomatic representative of the United Arab Emirates
  12. CM of Meghalaya: Chief Minister of Meghalaya
  13. Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles: Minister of Defence for Australia
  14. USA Ambassador: Diplomatic representative of the United States
  15. Singapore Minister of Home Affairs K Sangum: Minister of Home Affairs for Singapore
  16. Tamil Nadu UT Welfare Sports Minister Udayanidhi Saleen: Minister for Youth Welfare and Sports, Tamil Nadu

Elaborate Security Measures in Place for ICC World Cup Final: Film Celebrities and Industrialists Join 8 State CMs in Attendance

As the ICC World Cup final in Ahmedabad anticipates the attendance of not only eight Chief Ministers but also distinguished film artistes and industrialists, the city’s police force has undertaken comprehensive preparations to ensure a secure and incident-free event. With the notable inclusion of Laxmi Mittal and family among the spectators, the security apparatus has been heightened to accommodate this esteemed gathering.

To meet the unique security requirements associated with the presence of film celebrities and industrialists, over 3,000 police personnel will be on standby. This specialized team is equipped to address diverse scenarios, necessitating the deployment of specific units, including:

  • NDRF (National Disaster Response Force): A contingent of 2 NDRF teams has been strategically stationed, ready to respond promptly to any unforeseen natural or man-made disasters.
  • Bomb Squad: A dedicated team of 10 Bomb Squad experts is on hand to detect and neutralize any potential explosive threats.
  • Chemical, Biological, Nuclear (CBN) Response Team: In recognition of the evolving security landscape, specialized units have been deployed to identify and mitigate chemical, biological, and nuclear risks.

Comprehensive Preparations Underway for ICC World Cup Road Show at Narendra Modi Stadium

In anticipation of the ICC World Cup road show, scheduled to take place today with both participating teams rehearsing at the Narendra Modi Stadium, organizers are making extensive preparations to ensure a seamless and secure event. In light of the expected surge in attendance, authorities are urging the public to utilize the metro system for transportation to the stadium, given the anticipated traffic challenges.

Acknowledging the unique demands posed by the road show, a heightened security presence has been strategically deployed. Emphasizing the significance of this occasion, organizers are leaving no stone unturned in orchestrating a memorable event. To address potential challenges, additional security forces have been mobilized, underscoring the commitment to maintaining public safety and order.

In a recent development, a proactive measure has resulted in the detainment of an individual involved in the black market sale of tickets. This underscores the authorities’ dedication to ensuring fair access to tickets and thwarting any unauthorized activities that could compromise the integrity of the event.

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