Tragic Accident: 13 Killed as Janaiya-loaded Tractor Overturns

Tractor-Trolley Overturns in Rajgarh: 13 Dead, 40 Injured

A tragic accident occurred when a tractor-trolley overturned in Rajgarh, resulting in the death of 13 people. Additionally, 40 individuals sustained injuries and were rushed to the district hospital for treatment. Four critically injured individuals were referred to the Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal. All those who lost their lives hailed from Rajasthan’s Jhalawar and Baran districts. The tractor-trolley was carrying around 70 guests for a wedding ceremony when the accident happened due to its overturning.

The incident took place around 9 PM on Sunday, approximately 30 kilometers away from the Rajgarh district headquarters near Pipalodi. It is reported that a tractor-trolley coming from Motipura in Jhalawar district towards Rajgarh’s Kumalpur met with the accident near Pipalodi village. As the tractor-trolley was maneuvering near Pipalodi village, it lost control and overturned.

Upon receiving information about the accident, locals rushed to the scene to provide assistance and initiate rescue operations. Police and administrative officials also reached the spot promptly to manage the situation. Ambulances were dispatched to the accident site for immediate medical aid.

Tragic Accident: 13 Dead as Tractor-Trolley Overturns

The accident was horrific, with the tractor-trolley completely turning over. Many individuals were trapped under the trolley. Those trapped underneath were rescued by JCB machines.

Mamata stated – “The driver was intoxicated.”

Mamata, a woman involved in the incident, stated that there were between 30 to 40 people in the tractor-trolley, all hailing from Rajasthan’s Motipura. Mamata mentioned that the driver was intoxicated. When the tractor-trolley overturned, people were crushed underneath. Locals rushed to rescue them.

CM Dr. Mohan Yadav Expresses Grief Over Accident

CM Dr. Mohan Yadav expressed grief over the accident that occurred in Pipalodi, Rajasthan. He stated that the news of the untimely deaths of 13 individuals from Jhalawar district, Rajasthan, is extremely saddening. We are in contact with the Rajasthan government, and the Rajasthan police have also reached the scene of the incident.

State Minister Narayan Singh visited the district hospital. He inquired about the condition of the injured and provided guidance for their treatment. Collector Harsh Dixit and SP Aditya Mishra also visited the district hospital and gathered information about the accident from the injured.

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