Ahmedabad CP Discusses Temple Security with Head Priest and Trustee for Lord Jagannath’s 147th Rath Yatra on 7th July

On the auspicious day of Ashadhi Bij, the grand procession of Lord Jagannath is set to commence. The 147th Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in Ahmedabad is scheduled for the 7th of July. In preparation for this divine event and ensuring the safety of the temple, a meeting was convened at the Jamalpur Jagannath Temple by the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner. 

The meeting, attended by officials from the Crime Branch, Deputy Commissioners of Police, along with the temple’s head priest and trustees, discussed security measures. The Police Commissioner and officials also paid homage to Lord Jagannath during their visit.

Meeting of Police Officers for Rath Yatra Security

Meeting of Police Officers for Rath Yatra Security

Preparations for the upcoming Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, the grandest of its kind in the country, are now underway. Scheduled to commence from the Jamalpur Jagannath Temple in Ahmedabad, this annual event attracts millions of devotees. 

Concerned about the safety of the throngs of pilgrims expected to attend, the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner, along with officials from the Crime Branch, convened a meeting with the head priest of the Jamalpur Jagannath Temple, Dilipdasji Maharaj, and trustee Mahendra Zha. 

Discussions revolved around security measures, especially considering the presence of central ministers, leaders, and a large number of citizens who gather for the Rath Yatra every year.

Tight Police Deployment Planned for Rath Yatra in Sensitive Areas

Tight Police Deployment Planned for Rath Yatra in Sensitive Areas

Every year, meticulous security arrangements are made for the Rath Yatra. Given the expansive nature of the procession, ensuring security becomes paramount. Therefore, a robust police deployment is being organized, particularly in sensitive areas where the Rath Yatra spreads. 

Besides the main route, Jamalpur Jagannath Temple will also witness heavy police presence. Discussions have already commenced, with police gatherings scheduled at the temple and along the Rath Yatra route two days prior to the event. All these measures aim to ensure a smooth and secure celebration.

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