Raveena Tandon Assault Case: Actress Uninvolved in Intoxication, Attempts to Rescue Driver Sparked Altercation; Resolution Amidst Both Sides

In an incident that unfolded on Saturday night, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon and her driver have been accused of assaulting an elderly woman under the influence of alcohol. Police sources confirm that both parties have now reached a settlement. According to written statements from both sides, there have been no complaints filed against each other.

It has also been revealed that Raveena was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. CCTV footage clearly shows that no one was harmed by Raveena’s car. In reality, a brawl ensued at Raveena’s residence, and both sides were involved in the altercation.

Reports suggest that the crowd turned aggressive towards Raveena and her driver, after which Raveena attempted to defend her driver, leading to a confrontation between both sides.

This video of actress Raveena Tandon went viral

Raveena Appeals to Not Shoot Video Amidst Confrontation

In the video that has surfaced, Raveena is seen surrounded by the family of the victim and local crowds. People are urging the police to intervene. In the midst of this, the son of the victim tells Raveena, “You will have to spend the whole night in jail. Blood is coming out of my nose.”

Raveena can be heard pleading with the crowd, “Please don’t hit me… don’t hit me…” The actress even appeals to not shoot the video amidst the chaos.

Claim: Raveena Exits Car and Assaults Victim

The victim attempted to register a case at the police station but alleges that the police were hesitant to take action against Raveena. The distressed woman is reported to be 70 years old.

The victim’s son, Mohammed, stated, “We were going to confirm our daughter’s relationship status when we went outside. Raveena’s car was parked on the roadside near the college. We were leaving from there when the car reversed a bit.”

As a result, there was a strong collision with my mother. When we raised objections, the driver started arguing. Raveena Tandon was also present in the car. She also came out of the car and started negotiating with us. She was intoxicated and started assaulting my mother.

The victim's son Mohammad

Manager Denies Allegations, Claims People Assaulted Raveena

During a conversation with Source, Raveena’s manager and her team have refuted all the allegations leveled against the actress. The manager stated that the actress did not assault anyone. Instead, it is the people who have falsely accused Raveena of being assaulted. Raveena herself is also reportedly injured in the incident.

Raveena’s Husband Anil Thadani Appears at Police Station

Following the incident, Raveena Tandon left the scene immediately. However, the family members of the victim rushed to the nearest police station. Raveena Tandon’s husband and renowned distributor Anil Thadani also arrived at the police station. 

He attempted to resolve the matter with the victim’s family. The victim’s family, however, was not willing to compromise without filing a case.

Raveena married Anil Thadani in 2004

Police Asked Us to Wait for 4 Hours, Didn’t Register Complaint: Mohammad

Mohammad claimed that he spent four hours at the police station with the victim but their complaint was not registered. According to Mohammad, they were told to wait outside the police station. He questioned why they should negotiate with them if they are not going to register their complaint. “My mother has been assaulted, and we want justice.”

So far, there hasn’t been any official statement from Raveena’s side regarding the entire incident. Although the police have initiated an investigation into the matter.

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