Scorpio Unmol’s Epic Journey: India to Australia Tour, 25,000 km Road Trip from Gurugram

Anmol Jayaswal will embark on a journey from Gurugram to Australia via the Anmol Jayaswal Road. His goal is to spread the culture of the entire world to the people of India through videos. Anmol will undertake this journey on a Scorpio vehicle, setting off from Gurugram on November 22nd. The entire expedition covers a distance of 25,000 kilometers, with the Singapore leg being just 20,000 kilometers. The remaining part of the journey will take Anmol to Australia separately. Completing this journey is expected to take 4 to 5 months, during which he will travel through 11 countries before reaching Australia.

Anmol has already completed a tour from India to London, covering a road route. According to Anmol, during the India to London tour, he covered a distance of 21,000 kilometers in 30 days across 30 countries. The journey was an attempt to showcase the culture of other countries to India through videos.

Anmol has now undertaken a new journey from India to Australia via road, covering various countries. He mentioned that this entire journey will cost around 40 lakh rupees for two people over 120 days. Anmol emphasized that he doesn’t cook in the car, opting to stay in hotels, which is included in the overall cost.

During his previous India to London tour, Anmol faced challenges related to Indian food in countries like Iran. However, he managed by carrying ready-to-eat Indian food, which he heated and consumed in hotels. Indian restaurants are usually available in major countries.

Anmol’s current journey from India to Australia will cover Nepal, China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Thailand again, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and finally, Australia. He is enthusiastic about the Chinese leg of the journey. Anmol plans to reach Australia by car, then return to India by flight and bring the car back through shipping.

Niyati Rao

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