First-Time Stinger Gaurav Reveals Elvish’s Party, Snake Necklaces, Russian Girls – More Names to Surface

Gaurav Gupta reveals, “We received a tip from an informant. After watching the video of Elvish Yadav and the snake, we planned the sting for him. The informant provided us with accurate information. He disclosed that Rahul Yadav is a person close to Elvish. These people organize parties where snakes and their venom are showcased. They have conducted parties in Gurugram, Chhatarpur, Noida, and now even in Goa and Lonavala.”

Gaurav further explains, “We contacted Rahul Yadav, who is a singer and has also released a song. We discussed the demand for snakes and venom. Initially, he was hesitant, but as soon as we mentioned Elvish’s name, he became cooperative. We learned that Elvish is actively involved in organizing these parties. I regularly attend such events.”

On being asked about the legality of their actions, Gaurav says, “All of this is illegal. We asked them how they manage to do it. Rahul said, ‘You already know Elvish Yadav. How influential he is. No one dares to touch him.’ We have organized parties in Noida, Chhatarpur, everywhere.”

Gaurav Gupta discloses, “We invited Rahul to a location in Noida, where five others were also present. We had already informed the police and forest teams. After a brief conversation with Rahul, we caught him. He had nine snakes and approximately 20 ml of snake venom with him.

How Long Did It Take to Sting?

Approximately 4 months. It took some time to receive tips from informants, plan, and execute the sting operation against Rahul.

Will More Big Names Come Out?

Yes, more names will come out.

Will They Be Politically Affiliated?

It cannot be said to be politically affiliated. However, a person taking photos with politicians does not necessarily mean they are involved with them. Many people take photos with politicians without knowing what the person taking the photo will do in the future. But yes, the names that will come out will be significant.

Are People from Outside Delhi-NCR Also Involved?

Yes, only those from Delhi-NCR are involved.

Did Rahul Yadav and Elvish Yadav Have a Direct Connection, and is Someone Else Involved Later?

There is another person involved between them. The police have information about him. We also have information about him, but we haven’t disclosed the name yet. We are maintaining a singular focus on building evidence. Whenever we reveal a name, it becomes challenging to investigate. He will be under scrutiny from the beginning.

Have You Conducted Sting Operations Before?

This is our routine work. We have conducted approximately 800-900 cases of wildlife trafficking, including cases involving leopards, turtles, and tigers. We continue to conduct such sting operations. Our informants provide us with input. The case involving Elvish Yadav has gained more significance due to his name.

Are You Planning More Sting Operations?

Yes, we are planning sting operations against the theft of turtles and leopards. This will happen soon.

Is Gurgaon Police Under Political Pressure?

Gaurav Gupta says, “We filed an FIR in Gurgaon on October 15. We shot a video in which Elvish Yadav and Rahul Fazilpuriya are together with a snake. Elvish Yadav put the snake around his neck. He is being taken to the forest with the snake. An attempt is made to release it. So far, Gurgaon Police has not done anything. Perhaps there is political pressure on them. That’s why we are going to court.”

Clarity on Elvish – All Accusations are False, Not Even 1% is True –

After getting embroiled in controversy, Elvish Yadav released a video on November 3 on social media. In the video, Elvish states that when he woke up in the morning, he found that news against him was spreading. It is being said in the media that Elvish Yadav has been caught with drugs. All these accusations are baseless; 99% of it is false. I am ready to fully cooperate with the UP Police.

Silent Investigation

The investigation officer remained silent until ACP, and the Joint CP said, “The investigation is ongoing.”

The case of snake theft had previously come up at the Noida Sector-49 police station. Later, it was transferred to Sector-20. We attempted to speak with the investigating officer Kailash Nath Singh. We met him, but he mentioned that this case is high-profile, so he couldn’t reveal much. Talk to ACP Sahib. Only he can comment on this case.

Meeting with ACP Rajneesh Varma

Afterwards, we met ACP Rajneesh Varma, who, like Kailash Nath Singh, emphasized that the case is high-profile. Speak with Joint CP Anand Kulkarni.

We spoke with Joint CP Anand Kulkarni, who stated, “We conduct electronic evidence examination, including video analysis. Elvish Yadav has been questioned once, and Rahul Yadav twice. Our goal is to investigate all evidence thoroughly and consolidate it. Video evidence is the strongest. Some species of snakes are protected. Joint CP mentioned that during initial questioning, we received some information from Elvish Yadav. We are continuously cross-verifying it. Elvish may be called for further questioning. We are consolidating evidence, and some analysis is still ongoing. Afterward, we may reach a conclusion.”

Elvish Yadav’s Warrant Issue

Regarding the warrant issue against Elvish Yadav, Joint CP clarified, “No, we said we can call him for questioning again. There is no warrant against him, nor has he been remanded. Rahul Yadav is on remand. He continues to be questioned.”

Elvish Yadav, Apart from Fazilpuria, Any Other Big Name?

‘Celebrities don’t handle all these tasks. There is an individual for that. We are continuously investigating. We are asking who to take on remand for how many days. All this is in the media.

‘Now, the intelligence team is also gathering evidence. Although this collection will be examined, what evidence we have, what the intelligence team is doing, all this cannot be disclosed.’

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