HC Grants Bail to Pragnesh Patel, Father of Tathya Patel in ISKCON Bridge Accident After 103 Days

Pragnesh Patel’s father has been granted permission by the High Court to work on the land that was at the center of a recent case where Pragnesh Patel had a confrontation with people using a Jaguar car on the Iskcon Bridge on the night of July 20th. During this incident, nine people lost their lives, and twelve were injured. Pragnesh Patel had initially fled the scene but was later apprehended by the police and detained.

Since then, Pragnesh Patel has been granted permission to work on the land 103 days after his initial arrest. He faces charges under IPC Section 506.

Gun Charges Filed Against Pragnesh Patel

Pragnesh Patel is also facing gun charges under IPC Section 506. The police detained both father and son and presented them before the District Court of Ahmedabad within 24 hours. During this time, Pragnesh Patel refused to claim ownership of the land. Pragnesh Patel was then transferred to Sabarmati Central Jail from Judicial Custody.

Injury from a Car Accident

On the night of October 25, a final hearing took place in court where Pragnesh Patel submitted his plea. In the incident on Iskcon Bridge, Pragnesh Patel faced multiple charges, including IPC Sections 279, 337, 338, 304, 308, 504, 506(2), and Motor Vehicles Act Sections 177, 184, and 134(B). The incident was deemed serious, and Pragnesh Patel was sent to CIMS Hospital.

Pragnesh Patel was facing a charge for assaulting people and driving a car recklessly, and he had earlier faced charges for threatening people. The incident is a significant development from what initially appeared to be an accident.

Land Dispute Turns Serious

The case escalated when Pragnesh Patel refused to claim the land at the scene, which led to a major incident, and threats and a revolver were used to intimidate people, resulting in Pragnesh Patel’s arrest by the police. After Pragnesh Patel filed a land application, he filed a regular land application in the High Court.

Pragnesh Patel Facing Serious Charges

In this serious case, Pragnesh Patel is charged with various IPC sections, mainly IPC Section 504 for assaulting people in an altercation with the public. This was a premeditated incident that occurred between 12:30 and 1:15 AM on July 20, which led to Pragnesh Patel facing IPC Section 504 charges. Pragnesh Patel was admitted to CIMS Hospital due to head, back, cheek, and leg injuries, and the doctor’s notes mentioned an accident. The doctor’s report indicated injuries sustained in an accident.

In a bid to take Pragnesh Patel from the scene, people arrived in a Kia car. However, the sound of Pragnesh Patel’s friend Dhvani’s phone rang, and they left without taking him. The matter escalated when Pragnesh’s father reached the scene and took Pragnesh to the hospital, leaving the public behind. Since then, several incidents have been reported that highlight the gravity of the situation. Pragnesh’s father has been charged only under IPC Section 504.

Medical Grounds for Land Application

Three months earlier, Pragnesh Patel had filed a land application on medical grounds for a property in Ahmedabad. His lawyer, Nisar Vaidya, claimed that he was suffering from cancer, and he was sent to Tata Hospital in Mumbai for treatment. This formed the basis of his land application. It is worth noting that in a previous case, Pragnesh Patel had obtained land based on the same medical grounds, and there were allegations of land disputes in that case as well.

In the earlier case, he was charged with similar offenses, and the land was allocated based on the same grounds. The court deemed the matter serious and escalated it due to the application filed in the High Court. The case, however, does not have any connection to the previous one, where Pragnesh Patel already had ownership of the land. In the prior case, the court observed the case and found no wrongdoing on Pragnesh Patel’s part.

Serious Consequences of Reckless Driving

The incident on Iskcon Bridge, which started as a land dispute, ended in tragedy with the loss of several lives. Pragnesh Patel is now facing serious charges and consequences for his actions. The court’s decisions have reflected the gravity of the situation, and the legal proceedings continue to unfold.

How Many Crimes Against Prajnesh Patel in Which Police Station

  • Sola- 2
  • Shahpur- 1
  • Ranip- 1
  • Crime Branch- 1
  • Women Crime- 1
  • NC Complaint in Dang
  • Mehsana- 1

Pragnesh Patel Embroiled in Controversy for the Past Four Years

Pragnesh Patel has been at the center of controversy for the last four years, known among the builder lobby. In 2020, he was caught in a case of collective sexual assault with a young woman from Saurashtra. Subsequently, Pragnesh Patel was arrested after acquiring land. In 2021, he again faced allegations in a collective sexual assault case, along with a co-accused, and his friend Jaimin Patel, who, out of fear of not being released from Sabarmati Jail, committed an assault within the prison, bringing Pragnesh Patel’s name into the limelight again.

What Happened in the 2020 Sexual Assault Case? 

On November 3, 2020, according to a complaint filed at the Ahmedabad Women’s Police Station, a young woman from Saurashtra had submitted an online job application. Subsequently, she was called to Ahmedabad, where an arrangement was made for her stay in a hotel. There, Pragnesh Patel, along with Jitendrapuri Goswami, Maldev Bharwad, and Jaimin Patel, visited her. These individuals allegedly provided her with narcotics, alcohol, and MD drugs and engaged in sexual misconduct. Afterward, they blackmailed the young woman by threatening to expose her nude photographs.

Threats to Keep Quiet 

The accused told the young woman that they were well-connected individuals who could easily identify her and shape her future as they pleased. They involved her in similar sexual misconduct in hotels and flats. Some even threatened to kill her if she ever spoke out. Despite the threats, the victim had the courage to file a complaint at the Ahmedabad West Women’s Police Station. The police launched an investigation and arrested Pragnesh Patel, Jitendrapuri Goswami, and eventually, another accused, Jaimin Patel. In this case, Pragnesh Patel faced the charge of complicity in gang rape under IPC section 376D, criminal conspiracy under section 120B, breach of trust under section 406, kidnapping under section 362, obscenity under section 294B, and criminal intimidation under section 506.

Suicide Note Written Before Hanging

Jaimin Patel was detained in Central Jail as an accused in the case of kidnapping, and he allegedly committed an assault before hanging himself in cell number 200. In his final letter, he stated that he could not survive in this case and asked for forgiveness from his family. Jaimin, along with other accused, faces charges for gang rape, criminal conspiracy, breach of trust, kidnapping, obscenity, and criminal intimidation for gang rape under IPC section 376D, criminal conspiracy under section 120B, breach of trust under section 406, kidnapping under section 362, obscenity under section 294B, and criminal intimidation under section 506 in the gang rape case of a female. In this case, four accused, including Pragnesh Patel, Maldev Bharwad, Jitendrapuri Goswami, and Jaimin Patel, have been named.

Pragnesh Patel’s Controversy in the Collective Sexual Assault Case

These allegations stem from a case where, in 2020, four accused, including Pragnesh Patel, were apprehended for gang rape charges in connection with a builder lobby. In this case, Pragnesh Patel, Maldev Bharwad, Jitendrapuri Goswami, and Jaimin Patel were all charged with gang rape (IPC 376D), criminal conspiracy (120B), breach of trust (406), kidnapping (362), obscenity (294B), and criminal intimidation (506).

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