Security Alert: Leaders’ Phones, Including Shashi Tharoor’s, Targeted in Hacking Attempt – How to Safeguard Your iPhone

TMC MP Mahua Moitra, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, and several opposition party leaders and journalists received a warning from Apple on Tuesday morning. It is believed that Apple is concerned that state-sponsored attackers are attempting to compromise your iPhone. Compromising your device remotely means that they may have access to your sensitive data, messages, communication, camera, and microphone. This could potentially trigger a serious security breach, so it’s important to take this warning seriously.

The threat notifications on Apple’s website are designed to inform and assist users who may be targeted by hackers. These notifications help individuals understand and mitigate potential security risks. They provide information on how to safeguard your device and enable lockdown mode to enhance security.

Lockdown mode is a feature that makes your device secure and less susceptible to attacks from highly sophisticated cyber threats. When lockdown mode is active, your device operates differently from its regular state. It’s a crucial tool to protect your device during situations where you might be at risk.

During lockdown mode, certain applications, websites, and functionalities are restricted or limited to prevent unauthorized access and enhance security. This feature is especially valuable during critical situations when you need to ensure your device’s security.

By providing these threat notifications and guidance, Apple aims to empower users to take action and protect their devices from potential threats and cyberattacks effectively.

To enhance your security, follow these three key steps:

  1. Keep Software Updated: Regularly update your devices with the latest software, as these updates often include important security improvements.
  2. Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Secure your devices with a passcode and enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Apple ID. 2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring a secondary authentication method, such as a code sent to your trusted device, in addition to your strong password.
  3. Download Apps Only from the App Store: Download and install apps exclusively from the official Apple App Store. Avoid clicking on unknown links or downloading applications from untrusted sources, as they can pose security risks.

By following these measures, you can significantly enhance the security of your Apple devices and protect yourself from potential threats.

Arvind Amble

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