Laborer Molested Girl on Her Way Home from School, 200 meters away from Singanpore police station in Surat

Public molestation of students, girls or women has become common in Surat city. 12 days ago, a student studying in class-4 was molested on the road 200 meters away from Singanpore police station. At that time the police only took the application, no action was taken, but the CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media and a complaint was taken from the student’s father.

The Worker Met The Girl on The Road

The minor daughter of a Marathi family living in Singanpore area studying in class-4 was crossing the road on her way home from school. Meanwhile, a laborer working in a house in Riddhi-Sidhi Society approached the girl and touched her.

The Application Was Taken But The Complaint Was Not Filed

The daughter went home and told this to her mother. When his mother reached the police station, her application was taken. However, no complaint was filed. On the other hand, the CCTV footage of this incident was circulated on social media. As the police did not register a complaint in the incident, questions were raised in the media. Following this, the police called the girl’s father and took a complaint from him.

Singanpore police immediately registered a complaint against the rapist and the viral CCTV as the whole matter became controversial. The police have registered a case against the young laborer who molested them, along with the young man who made the CCTV footage viral.

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