Mumbai’s 9 Disturbing Incidents Within 48 Hours: Family With Ram flag Was Attacked, Biker in Rally Assaulted, Stone Pelting

There was a traffic jam on the road with around 100-150 people gathered. Some individuals started breaking the vehicles’ glasses, chanting “Allahu Akbar.” Despite the presence of some police officers, they couldn’t control the crowd. Shortly before the incident, a Shriram Shobhayatra procession had passed through the same area. The crowd targeted vehicles, and some videos show vandalism, including one where a boy displays a pistol during the rally.

Incidents in Mumbai – 22nd January: Panvel

Shiv Sena workers organized a rally for the establishment of Ramalalla’s idol in Ayodhya. While passing through Kacchi Mohalla Road, some individuals stoned them. Videos surfaced showing the vandalism. In another video, a boy brandishes a pistol during the rally.

Violence on Mira Road and Panvel:

Between 21st and 22nd January, there were more than 8 such incidents reported in Mumbai. Some involved attacks on people, posting provocative videos on social media, and disrupting public discussions. Nine FIRs have been filed in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai regarding these cases.

A Family’s Ordeal on Mira Road:

A family had a harrowing experience on Mira Road. They had gone out with children, carrying a Ram flag. Around 9:30 PM, they were on their way back when some people stopped them. Their flag was torn, and when the father tried to reason with them, he was beaten with a stick. More people joined, targeting anyone in vehicles, including the children.

Radhika’s Story from Mira Road:

Radhika, along with her 6-year-old daughter and 12- and 14-year-old sons, found themselves amidst the chaos on Mira Road. To avoid traffic, they took a detour towards New Nagar, but they were still attacked.

Tension during Shri Ram Shobhayatra:

Before the idol establishment event in Ayodhya, there was a Shri Ram Shobhayatra on Mira Road. Clashes erupted between the two groups during this time. Vehicles were damaged, and Radhika, who resides in Mira Road, narrates her ordeal saying, “Had the police arrived on time, our lives would have been saved.”

Stone Pelting on Bikers in Panvel:

After the incidents on Mira Road, a similar event occurred in Panvel on Monday. Shiv Sena workers were holding a bike rally on Kacchi Mohalla Road. The rally reached Kacchi Visar during the afternoon, where they were stopped by a crowd. Some vehicles were damaged, and two individuals were injured.

Police Action in Panvel:

On Tuesday, the police arrested five individuals. Zone 2’s DCP Pankaj Dahane stated that based on CCTV footage, they have identified four more suspects. Following the incident, a police contingent has been deployed in Kacchi Visar.

Events of January 22

Establishment of Ram Idol in Temple Turns Tense:

A temple in Santacruz-East was undergoing the installation of Lord Ram’s idol. During this, a 27-year-old man made controversial remarks, leading to tension. The Wakola Police Station has taken the accused into custody.

Altercation at a Housing Society in Malwani:

A case has been filed against an individual for removing a flag installed in a housing society in Malwani. The CCTV footage showed the accused removing the flag around 4:40 AM.

Cross Assault in Irla, Mumbai:

A 34-year-old individual was involved in a cross assault in Irla, Mumbai. The Juhu police have apprehended him.

Events of January 23

Attack on Kiryana Shop Owner in Oshiwara:

An attack was carried out on a Kiryana shop owner and his brother in Oshiwara. Both were participating in a rally organized in the name of Ram Lalla.

Social Media Posts Lead to FIRs:

In Antop Hill and Bhayandar, two individuals were booked for posting inflammatory content on social media.

Arrests Following Unrest on Mira Road:

After unrest erupted on Mira Road, police arrested a person named Abu Sheikh for sharing an inflammatory video on social media.

Police Crackdown on Mira Road Unrest:

In response to the disturbance on Mira Road, police arrested 13 individuals, including 4 minors. Nine suspects were released on bail, while the minors were sent to a juvenile correctional facility.

Prohibitory Orders in Mumbai until February 6:

Mumbai Police have imposed prohibitory orders until February 6, along with a ban on gatherings of five or more people. This decision comes amidst demands for Maratha reservation led by Manoj Jaranje in Mumbai.

Communal Tensions in Maharashtra:

Communal tensions are escalating in Maharashtra due to various incidents related to personal reasons. In September, a mob armed with stones, sticks, and weapons attacked over 300 people in Pusadavli village of Satara district.

Social Media Posts Spark Unrest

On June 5, 2023, a 16-year-old boy from Kolhapur shared his friend’s WhatsApp status on his Instagram account. The 12-second video featured a Haryanvi song with images of Mughal emperors Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan. The post went viral.

Unrest on Shivaji Maharaj Coronation Day:

On the following day, during the celebration of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s coronation, Hindu organizations felt insulted and started a ruckus on social media. People gathered at the Lakshmipuri Police Station, resulting in multiple FIRs against both parties.

Internet Shutdown and Police Response

The tension escalated to a point where internet services were suspended throughout the city. The State Reserve Police Force, with its four companies, 300 constables, and 60 officers, was deployed. The situation led to the suspension of all educational institutes and coaching classes. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jayant Bajbale, stated that stringent action would be taken against the culprits. Meanwhile, Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis emphasized the importance of identifying individuals involved in the unrest and taking appropriate legal actions. Municipal Commissioner of Mira-Bhayandar, Maruti Gaikwad, announced plans to conduct operations against the rioters on Wednesday morning. The police have requested reinforcements, and more than a thousand soldiers were deployed.

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