Jamnagar Collector Survives Heart Attack as 7 Die in Rajkot: Saurashtra Heart Attack Spike

The incidents of heart attacks are increasing in Saurashtra. In the last 24 hours, 8 people have suffered heart attacks, including Jamnagar Collector Bijal Shah, who was rushed to GG Hospital for treatment. His condition is stable. In Rajkot district, 7 deaths have occurred due to heart attacks, including a 22-year-old youth who collapsed due to a heart attack and passed away. It is saddening that this youth died just two days after his wedding.

Heart Attack on Jamnagar District Collector

Jamnagar District Collector Bijal Shah suffered a heart attack and was immediately admitted to GG Hospital in Jamnagar for medical care. A team of skilled doctors and medical staff at GG Hospital is closely monitoring his critical condition. Hospital authorities have assured that the best possible care is being provided to the District Collector, and his health condition is currently stable.

Bijal Shah, 2009 IAS Batch

Jamnagar District Collector Bijal Shah, who is currently serving as the Collector of Jamnagar district, has previously served in various administrative positions, including as the DM of Ujjwala MD, Banaskantha, Palanpur’s DDIO, and Botad’s Collector. Presently, he is fulfilling his duties as the Jamnagar District Collector.

Joyous Occasion Turned into Mourning in Wedding

In recent times, the rise in heart attack incidents, especially among the youth, is concerning. Yesterday, after two youths and three adults died from heart attacks, another young man who had recently been sentenced to jail and suffered a heart attack also passed away. It’s worth noting that a 22-year-old youth who died from a heart attack, Ajay Solanki, had gotten married just two days before, and his wedding had turned into a celebration of joy just days before his untimely demise.

Youth Working in Factories

Ajay Ramjibhai Solanki, who lived in Popatpara in Rajkot city and worked in a factory, was admitted to Civil Hospital for immediate medical attention when he suddenly collapsed at home. The doctors declared him dead on arrival. Ajay Solanki, an IAS officer from the 2009 batch, has served as an MDM, DDIO of Banaskantha, Palanpur, and Collector of Botad. Currently, he is serving as the District Collector of Jamnagar.

Ajay’s Journey to Jangleshwar Area

During the investigation, the team from Pradhyumanagar Police also found out that Ajay’s wedding was scheduled to take place. On Friday, the wedding rituals were performed, and on Saturday, the family had planned to visit the Jangleshwar area for a joyful event. However, amidst these happy occasions, tragedy struck when Ajay suddenly collapsed due to a heart attack at home. Instead of wedding songs, the family was left mourning, changing the atmosphere from joyous to sorrowful.

Death from Heart Attack in Rajkot Jail

In another incident, a person from Anjar in Rajkot district died from a heart attack in the central jail. Harilochan, aged 55, passed away from a heart attack in the jail. Pradhyumanagar Police team reached the scene to investigate, and the post-mortem revealed that the primary cause of death was a heart attack, indicating that he had died from a heart attack during the initial rescue operations.

43-Year-Old Woman’s Death from Heart Attack in Rajkot

Yesterday, after the deaths of 2 youths and 4 others, a heart attack claimed the life of a 43-year-old woman in Rajkot. According to available information, Sonalben Manojbhai Dekivadia, who resided in Lohana GIDC, suddenly felt chest pain at around 11 AM yesterday and collapsed. Despite immediate medical attention, she couldn’t be saved, leaving her family and relatives grief-stricken.

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