Apple’s First Electric Car Set for 2028: Advanced Automation and Initial Plans for a Steering-Wheel-Less EV

Apple to Launch its First Electric Car in 2028 with Semi-Autonomous Driving

Apple, the American tech company, is set to launch its first electric car in 2028. Previously, the company was planning to enter the electric vehicle (EV) market with a complete autonomous driving option by 2026. However, according to Bloomberg’s report, the company has altered its launch strategy. Apple will now introduce its first EV with semi-autonomous driving capabilities.

Leadership under Vice President Kevin Lynch:

Apple’s Vice President Kevin Lynch has been leading the project since 2021. Under Lynch’s guidance, the company has changed its development approach, focusing on launching a car with semi-automated driving features. The earlier plan was to develop a Level 4+ automation system.

Level 2 and Level 4 Autonomous Driving:

Level 2 driving systems provide partial self-driving capabilities, while Level 4 systems offer full automation but with an optional manual driving mode. Apple is currently working on semi-autonomous technology similar to Tesla and other electric vehicles in the market.

Shift in Apple’s Electric Car Launch Strategy

Previously, Apple had scheduled the launch date for its electric vehicle (EV) in 2019, then shifted it to 2020, and later to 2026 with complete autonomous driving capabilities. However, the company has altered its plans, moving from Level 4+ autonomy to Level 2+ and shifting its focus to semi-autonomous driving due to considerations related to automatic driving and global regulatory factors. The decision to prioritize semi-autonomous driving and make changes to the worldwide regulatory landscape has influenced the company’s revised launch strategy.

Apple is now focusing on developing electric vehicles with semi-autonomous driving features similar to Level 2+ technology seen in Tesla and other current electric vehicles.

The company, led by Vice President Kevin Lynch since 2021, has modified its development approach, stepping back from the earlier plan to achieve Level 4+ autonomy. Kevin Lynch has been leading the project, and the company’s board, under CEO Tim Cook, is reportedly considering new plans for the project or possibly discontinuing it.

Apple has been working on the project since 2015 but has not yet released any visual prototypes. The board, led by CEO Tim Cook, is under pressure to either quickly develop new plans for the project or consider shutting it down, according to the report.

Levels of Driving Automation

  • Level 0 (No Automation): Full manual driving mode where the driver controls steering, braking, and speed.
  • Level 1 (Driver Assistance): Basic driver assistance system with features like cruise control. The driver still needs to handle all other driving tasks.
  • Level 2 (Partial Automation): Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) that can control steering and speed. The driver is required to remain engaged in other driving tasks.
  • Level 3 (Conditional Automation): The car can perform all driving tasks on its own, but the driver needs to be ready to take over if requested.
  • Level 4 (High Automation): The car can handle all driving tasks on its own. The driver’s intervention is optional.
  • Level 5 (Full Automation): The car can perform all driving tasks in all conditions without any driver involvement. This is a fully driver-less mode.

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