Apple Vision Pro Launches on February 2: Pre-Orders Open January 19, Marking the Dawn of a New Computing Era

Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset, named “Vision Pro,” will be available for purchase in the US market starting from February 2. Pre-orders for the headset will begin on January 19 at 5 PM ET. The company has not provided information about its availability in India. The headset can be operated through eye tracking and hand gestures. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced, “This marks the beginning of the era of special computing.” The device comes with 256GB storage and was launched at Apple’s WWDC23 developer’s conference in June 2023, priced at approximately $3500 or around ₹2.89 lakh.

Apple’s Vision Pro – A Device Years in the Making

The company has been working on developing this device for the past 7 years. After wearing the Vision Pro, users can scroll through their photos and videos in virtual space. Additionally, they can experience 3D movies and play games.

Device Based on Advanced Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

The Vision Pro device is based on the “Vision Pro” advanced neural processing unit (NPU). This NPU utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in real-time to analyze the user’s surrounding environment, providing an enhanced augmented reality experience. It aims to integrate digital content seamlessly into everyday life.

3D Image Creation Through Sophisticated Mapping

The device boasts a novel spatial mapping technology. Equipped with updated sensors including LEDR and cameras, it meticulously maps the user’s surroundings, creating 3D images. This technology facilitates precise interaction with virtual objects in the real world, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Real-Time Sharing of Augmented Reality Experiences

Users can share their augmented reality experiences in real-time with others. The high-resolution display ensures a seamless integration of virtual objects with the real world. It allows collaborative work on design projects or participation in interactive games, fostering connectivity through Vision Pro’s advanced presence and interactivity features.

Gesture-Controlled Operation and High-Resolution Display

The device features an exceptional display with vivid colors and high resolution. It ensures that virtual objects seamlessly blend with the real-world visuals. The Vision Pro also incorporates the latest eye-tracking technology, enabling users to operate it through eye and hand movements.

Advanced Encryption Protocol and Secure Data Storage

The device ensures secure data storage through the implementation of advanced encryption protocols. The mapping data processing occurs locally and is not shared on Apple’s servers. It can easily connect with other Apple devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, ensuring a smooth augmented reality experience across Apple’s ecosystem. This approach positions Apple’s augmented reality as superior compared to other platforms.

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