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Automated Passport Form Submission with AI: DG Locker Simplifies Process

Now, even the passport application process has seen the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Under the new changes, passport applicants no longer need to fill out passport forms manually. With the use of AI technology, the applicant’s details will be fetched directly from their digital locker when applying for a passport. Significant changes are underway in the software used for online passport applications by the TCS, which will now incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its Version-2. Employees working at passport service centers are being trained to handle these major changes.

With the online application for a fresh passport, all information of the applicants will be automatically retrieved. When renewing a passport, if the applicant provides their passport number, mobile number, and true email ID, then all the data will be immediately accessible and the form can be filled out promptly. Any criminal history displayed by the applicants cannot be concealed, and if they attempt to do so, they will be caught by the AI. At the passport service center, each passport-related process, from A to Z, which previously took an applicant around 45 minutes, will now be completed in just 25 minutes.

AI in Passport Process: Photo Editing Simplified, Payment Made Easy

During the online passport renewal process, applicants will no longer need to fill in all the details again, as passport, mobile number, and email ID details will be automatically fetched. If any amendments are required, they can be made promptly, ensuring that applicants do not face delays in filling out the form.

Currently, passport fees are accepted via credit, debit, and SBI Net Banking. However, with the introduction of AI, the payment process will be simplified through QR codes and the BHIM application, allowing applicants to make online payments easily and complete the form in much less time.

Presently, filling in details on all four pages of the application form takes time. By switching to an online format facilitated by AI, the process will be streamlined to just two pages, saving time.

If applicants upload a photo according to the passport guidelines with a white background, AI will automatically approve it.

Staff shortage will lead to reduced manpower and faster work: RPO

Abhijit Shukla, the Regional Passport Officer in Ahmedabad, has stated that there is a shortage of staff at the passport office. Due to the delay in new recruitments, manpower will be reduced through AI, resulting in better and faster work among the remaining employees.

AI will alert for spelling mistakes in the form, enabling corrections

During the online application for a fresh passport, if an applicant uploads all documents through the DigiLocker application, AI will automatically retrieve all details through OTP medium. The applicant will not need to bring any photocopies. If there is a spelling mistake in the form, AI will alert at the counter, enabling correction. The first meeting of AI was held in Bhopal during the first meeting of three RPOs. In this, a two-day training session was conducted by the AI team from Delhi with regional passport officers from Ahmedabad, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and other officials from the regional passport offices, and how applicants will be selected was discussed thoroughly.

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