Indian Crew Members Hailed as Heroes: 6 Declared Dead in US Bridge Accident; Maryland Governor Praises Timely Actions

Late on Monday night, tragedy struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, as a ship capsized according to American time. Coast Guard officer Admiral Shannon Gilreath announced on Tuesday evening that after a search operation lasting several hours, six missing individuals have been declared deceased.

Admiral Gilreath stated, “We conducted extensive search operations in the Patapsco River. Based on the water temperature and other factors, we believe survival in the river for the six missing individuals would be highly unlikely. With this in mind, we have ceased active search operations, though the Coast Guard and other officials will remain present.”

The ill-fated vessel had 22 crew members on board, all of whom were Indian nationals and reported to be safe. According to CNN News, Maryland Governor Wes Moore mentioned that the crew of the ship had been alerted to the danger in time, leading to the closure of traffic on the bridge and the rescue of several lives.

After the accident, the rescue team is present at the scene. 2 people have been rescued. While 6 missing people were declared dead.

Governor Hails Indian Crew as Heroes Amidst Maryland Bridge Accident

Maryland Governor Wes Moore praised the Indian crew as heroes, stating that moments before the ship collided with the bridge abutment, moving at a speed of 8 knots (9 miles per hour), an emergency call was made. 

Due to their vigilance, officials took immediate action and halted the vessel’s progress towards the bridge. Amidst the chaos and urgency, we had officers on hand who promptly diverted traffic. Commending the crew members for their bravery, he emphasized, “These individuals are heroes. They saved lives last night.”

People pray for the safety of missing family members at a church in Maryland after the Baltimore Bridge collapsed.

Power Supply to First Ship Cut Off Before Collision

According to The New York Times, the power supply to the Singaporean-flagged Dalí ship was cut off before it collided with the bridge. Subsequently, it collided with the bridge. At the time, there were 8 construction workers present on the bridge, who fell into the water. They were engaged in repair work on the bridge. While 2 were rescued, 6 went missing.

Governor Moore stated, “The bridge collapsed before it was in good condition. The bridge collapse was a devastating incident for Marylanders. The locals here have been using it for the past 47 years. When the bridge fell into the water, there were also 5 vehicles on it. Among them was a tractor-trailer.”

All 4 Lanes Closed on the Bridge After Accident

The Dalí ship departed around 12:30 AM on Monday, according to American time, bound for Colombo, Sri Lanka, on April 22nd. As per reports from Bloomberg, the Maryland Transportation Authority has announced that all 4 lanes on the bridge have been closed after the accident and vehicular traffic has been halted.

According to The New York Times, the water temperature in Baltimore Harbor was 9 degrees Celsius during the rescue operation. According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when the temperature drops below 21 degrees Celsius, the body temperature also drops rapidly. Consequently, there is an increased risk to the lives of individuals submerged in the water.

Debris from the bridge fell on part of the ship. Meanwhile, there were also some vehicles on the bridge which fell into the river.

Ship’s Anchor Deployed Before Collision, Slowing Speed

The Dalí ship, measuring 984 feet in length and 157 feet in breadth, belonged to the Synergy Group company. According to company spokespersons, prior to the collision, the ship’s anchor was deployed as part of emergency procedures, which helps to reduce speed.

After losing power, the ship emitted a black smoke cloud before colliding with the bridge. Fortunately, no crew members were injured in the process. Meanwhile, Maryland has declared an emergency response in light of this incident.

Biden Announces Government Will Cover Reconstruction Costs for Bridge

President Biden declared in Congress that the entire expense of rebuilding the Baltimore Bridge will be borne by the government. The Francis Key Bridge was constructed in 1977 over the Patapsco River. It is named after Francis Scott Key, the author of the American national anthem.

According to the Maryland government’s website, nearly 52 million tons of international cargo passed through the Port of Baltimore last year, valued at 6.67 lakh crore rupees. This port provides direct employment to over 15,000 people and indirectly supports the livelihoods of approximately 1.39 lakh individuals in Maryland.

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