Tragic Drowning Incident in Morbi: Youth and Minors Drown in Macchu River

Tragic Incident near Machhu River in the Vicinity of Navasadulka Village

Near the Machhu River close to Navasadulka village, two young individuals found themselves in distress. As they were wading through the river, one young person and two children accidentally drowned. Upon learning of the incident, the fire and police departments rushed to the scene immediately and began search and rescue operations.

Two individuals succumbed to the rising water while the others managed to survive. Survivors recounted that initially, there were seven people present, but not everyone was fond of swimming; only one had moderate swimming skills. One person suddenly got overwhelmed by the river and started drowning, prompting two bystanders to rush to help. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, they couldn’t save him. In the process, the two rescuers themselves succumbed to the water. They have not been found yet. When looking ahead, it was evident that the water wasn’t too deep, but as they ventured a little further, they got submerged in deeper water and couldn’t survive.

Tragic Incident at Machhu 3 Dam near Morbi

Near the Machhu 3 dam in Morbi, three individuals are reported to have drowned in the water. It is known that a young man from the vicinity of the dam, where water was released from the Machhu 2 dam, also drowned at Machhu 3 dam after its gates were opened. Currently, teams including the fire department are engaged in search and rescue operations at the site to locate the missing individuals who drowned in the river’s lower expanses.

Four Youths Reported to Have Survived

As per initial information obtained from the fire department, three young individuals are reported to have drowned in the river near the Machhu 3 dam today, as per available details of the surrounding expanses. Teams are currently working to locate them. Additionally, after the first young man drowned, two children who attempted to rescue him also drowned. In total, there were seven youths and children present at the site to swim. This unfortunate incident has led to the confirmation of the survival of only four youths.

List of Those Who Drowned in the Water:

  • Parmar Chirag Tejabhai (20 years old)
  • Bhankhodiya Dharmesh Bhupendrabhai (16 years old)
  • Bhankhodiya Gaurav Kishorbhai (17 years old)

List of Those Who Drowned in the River:

  • Bhankhodiya Aryan Bharatbhai (16 years old)
  • Bhankhodiya Jay Gautambhai (16 years old)
  • Bhankhodiya Pritam Aswinbhai (17 years old)
  • Bochiya Jaimin Khimjibhai (16 years old)

They went for swimming in the swimming pool but later ventured into the river.

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