Gadkari: Infrastructure, Power, Transport, Communication Key for Jabalpur Development; Roads to Boost Tourism, Commerce

During an event in Jabalpur, Central Minister Nitin Gadkari emphasized the four crucial components necessary for development: motor, power, transport, and communication. Drawing parallels with the United States, he noted that the quality of roads, rather than wealth alone, contributes to prosperity. Gadkari stressed India’s ongoing road construction efforts, foreseeing a boost in tourism and commerce as a result. Improved roads and resorts are expected to increase tourist numbers and individual incomes.

Gadkari inaugurated development projects worth Rs. 2,327 crore at the Veterinary College Ground in Jabalpur. He is currently on a tour of Madhya Pradesh, where he will inaugurate and lay the foundation for development projects totaling Rs. 10,405 crore in the state.

In Jabalpur, CM Dr. Mohan Yadav honored Union Minister Gadkari by giving him the symbol of Ram temple of Ayodhya.

Key Points from Gadkari’s Speech

Nitin Gadkari, while addressing the audience, highlighted several significant aspects concerning rural development and infrastructure:

Farmer-Centric Approach: 

Gadkari reiterated his commitment to farmers, emphasizing that until villages, the poor, laborers, and farmers prosper, the nation cannot progress. He proudly mentioned the recognition bestowed upon Madhya Pradesh for agricultural development during his tenure as BJP President, underscoring his farmer-centric policies.

Utilizing Coal for Methanol Production: 

Gadkari proposed converting coal into methanol to fuel vehicles, envisioning an import-effective, pollution-free policy under state government auspices. He pledged to initiate projects worth three lakh crore rupees in Madhya Pradesh, focusing on converting coal to methanol for sustainable transportation.

Union Transport Minister Gadkari inaugurated development works in Jabalpur.

Reviving Agriculture in Vidarbha: 

Gadkari addressed the pressing issue of farmer suicides in Vidarbha, where 1,000 farmers took their lives. To address water scarcity, his department constructed numerous ponds, enhancing irrigation facilities and promoting agricultural growth.

Water Conservation Initiatives: 

Gadkari emphasized the importance of water conservation, announcing plans for large water storage tanks alongside roads to facilitate water conservation efforts and irrigation for farmers in Jabalpur.

Transforming Energy Landscape: 

Gadkari emphasized the need to transform India’s energy landscape, with an ambitious vision to make Madhya Pradesh a hub of energy production. He emphasized the potential of hydroelectricity and the conversion of biomass into energy, highlighting the need for innovative solutions like hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Promoting Sustainable Transportation: 

Gadkari advocated for sustainable transportation solutions, including hydrogen-powered vehicles and double-decker buses, aiming to alleviate pollution and revolutionize India’s transportation sector. He urged the authorities to explore alternative fuels and invest in efficient highway networks to facilitate economic growth and reduce pollution.

Inauguration and Foundation Laying of Development Projects Totaling Rs. 8,038 Crore in Bhopal

Central Minister Gadkari will participate in a program at Lal Parade Ground in Bhopal, where he will inaugurate and lay the foundation for development projects worth Rs. 8,038 crore. The event will be attended by Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav along with other ministers from the state.

The development projects include a total of 724 kilometers of national highway projects. Among these, Bhopal hosts 498 kilometers of 15 national highway projects, while Jabalpur features 226 kilometers of 9 national highway projects.

Preparations for Facilities from Jabalpur

  1. Construction of Bridge Over Jamni River on NH-539, Tikamgarh-Jhansi Road
  2. Two-Lane Road Development with Paved Shoulders from Chandiya Ghati to Katni Bypass
  3. Inauguration of Four-Lane Widening Works from Bameetha to Khajuraho Section on NH-339
  4. Road Development with Paved Shoulders, Two Lanes from Gulganj Bypass to Barna River
  5. Construction of Two-Lane Road with Paved Shoulders from Barna River to Ken River
  6. Two-Lane Road Development with Paved Shoulders from Shahdol to Sagar Tola
  7. Construction of 23 VUP’S (Vehicular Underpasses) Bridge Service Roads in Lalitpur-Sagar-Lakhnadoun Segment under NH-44 (Madhya Pradesh)
  8. Construction of Three Foot Over Bridges in Sukhtara, Khurai, and Khwasa under NH-44
  9. Foundation Laying for Improvement Work on 2 Black Spots on Banjari Ghati (NH-44)
At the beginning of the program, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav performed Kanya Puja.

Road Development Plans Unveiled for Bhopal

In an effort to bolster infrastructure, the central government has greenlit major road projects in Bhopal. These projects aim to enhance connectivity within the city and surrounding areas:

Expansion and Connectivity:

  • A six-lane road will be constructed, linking Ratnagiri and Misrod while connecting to the Ayodhya Bypass from Airport Road.
  • Furthermore, the Ratnagiri to Vidisha Road will undergo expansion to four lanes.

Allocation and Responsibilities:

  • The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will oversee the Ayodhya Bypass and Vidisha Road sections, while the construction of the six-lane flyover from Ratnagiri to Misrod falls under the purview of the National Highway Division of the Public Works Department (PWD).
  • Tenders have been issued for both sections, and the central government has approved Rs. 1.25 billion for NH Division to prepare Detailed Project Reports (DPRs).

Financial Estimates and Project Scope:

  • The estimated total cost for the projects is Rs. 45.75 billion.
  • The Ayodhya Bypass project is estimated at Rs. 10.55 billion, while the Vidisha Road project stands at Rs. 15.20 billion.
  • The Ratnagiri to Misrod flyover project is expected to cost Rs. 20 billion.
  • The comprehensive plan includes the construction of five flyovers and eight grade separators.

Benefits Galore with Completion of the Project

The completion of this project promises manifold benefits for the region. Once finalized, it will seamlessly connect the airport on one end and the ARKMP BHEL area on the other. Additionally, commuters traveling along the Hoshangabad Road, from Barkatullah University to Misrod, will experience relief from traffic congestion. 

The segment of Hoshangabad Road will feature a double-decker flyover, ensuring that future metro lines can pass overhead without hindrance. This forward-looking infrastructure development not only addresses present traffic woes but also sets the stage for enhanced connectivity and smoother transportation systems in the years to come.

Flyovers to be Constructed

Several flyovers are slated for construction across various key points:

  1. From Ratnagiri to Jamburi Maidan, Anna Nagar, ISBT, ARKMP, EMPRI, and Misrod.
  2. From Asaram Chowk to the IT Park.
  3. From Karond Chowk to ahead of Bhanpur Bridge.
  4. From SIRT College to Ratnagiri.
  5. From Anand Nagar to Ratnagiri.

Underpasses to be Constructed

Additionally, grade separators will be built at the following locations:

  1. Gondramau
  2. IT Park Main Gate
  3. Gokuldham Society Main Road
  4. Dwarka Dham
  5. Bhanpur
  6. Nishatpura Colony
  7. Minal Residency Gate.

These infrastructure developments aim to streamline traffic flow and enhance connectivity across various parts of the city, ensuring smoother commutes and reducing congestion at key junctions.

Benefits for the Mahakoshal Region

These projects will bring significant benefits to the Mahakoshal region. The wheat and rice agriculture trade will receive a boost, facilitating easier connectivity to pilgrimage sites. The coal mining industry in Katni will also benefit. Connectivity to prominent tourist destinations like Khajuraho, Orchha, and the National Panna Tiger Corridor will improve. 

Additionally, the Budhni textile industries and woodcraft businesses will see advantages. Moreover, transportation between Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Delhi states will become more convenient, fostering regional economic growth and development.

Gifts from Bhopal’s Programs

Bhopal’s programs will bring several gifts to the region:

  1. NH-46’s Ayodhya Bypass section will undergo a 6-lane widening project estimated at 1233 crores.
  2. NH-146B’s Shahganj to Bardi section will be widened to 4 lanes.
  3. NH-552 (Expanded) will witness the construction of a 2-lane road from Shyopur-Goras, spanning the Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan border, including paved shoulders.
  4. NH-752C will see the construction of a 2-lane road with paved shoulders for the Shujalpur Bypass.
  5. NH-552 (Expanded) will feature the construction of a 2-lane road with paved shoulders for the Ater and Bhind Bypass.
  6. NH-552 (Expanded) will have the development of a two-lane road with paved shoulders for the Goras to Shyampur route.
  7. NH-56, from Dahod (Gujarat border) to Ambua, will have a 2-lane road with paved shoulders constructed.
  8. NH-347A, from Multai to the Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra border, will witness the inauguration of a 2-lane road with paved shoulders.

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