5 Indians Sentenced to 122 Years in UK: Murdered Indian-Origin Man, Attacked with Axe & Hockey Stick

Five Indians have been sentenced to 122 years in prison in Britain on Friday. They were convicted for the murder of a 23-year-old Indian driver.

Punishments for the Accused

According to BBC reports, Arshdeep Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Shivdeep Singh, and Manjot Singh have been sentenced to 28 years each for the murder. At the same time, Sukhmandeep Singh was sentenced to 10 years for assisting in the attack.

Attack Details

The attack took place in Shrubsbury, West England, where the assailants assaulted Armaan Singh using knives, hockey sticks, batons, cleavers, and cricket bats.

Accusations and Legal Proceedings

The accused Indians are fighting the case against them. Their lawyer told the court, “The assailants attacked Armaan’s head three times with a knife. The post-mortem report shows multiple fractures in the head. Afterward, the attack was carried out with cleavers and hockey sticks. Later, Armaan was stabbed with a cleaver.”

Unclear Motive for the Attack

According to BBC, the reason for the attack has not been disclosed to the court. Armaan’s lawyer said, “It is necessary to prove the intention to commit murder and the reason behind it. Therefore, it is necessary to prove what caused it. Therefore, the accused should be punished.”

Other Cases of Indians Sentenced Abroad

Indian Couple Gets 33 Years in Prison

In February, a British court sentenced an Indian couple to 33 years in prison. The couple was accused of drug smuggling. According to the National Crime Agency (NCA) of Britain, Aarti and Kavaljeet Singh Rajjadha smuggled 514 kilograms of cocaine worth 600 crores from Australia. They were arrested in Henvel in 2021. They were also accused of the murder of their 11-year-old son. India’s government had requested the extradition of the couple to Britain.

Discovery of Son’s Dead Body

Aarti and Kavaljeet had adopted Gopal Sejani in Gujarat in 2015. Gopal lived in the village with his sister and father. The couple promised Gopal’s father that they would take Gopal to London, but in 2017, he was kidnapped. Gopal’s body was found on the roadside on February 8, 2017. There were stab wounds on his body. Indian police stated that both had kidnapped the child for ransom, then abducted him and murdered him.

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