Rajkot Police Verbal Abuse Students In Front of NSUI Leader During Vehicle Inspection: Allegations of Atrocity Surface

In Rajkot, the incident of custodial death is still fresh as the city police are once again embroiled in controversy. They have registered another complaint of assault against the police personnel, where during Greenlane check post vehicle checking, a student questioned, “Why are you checking another car during vehicle checking?” This led to an altercation between the student and two policemen, resulting in the student being allegedly assaulted and abused based on his caste. It has been revealed that NSUI’s involvement in this incident is also being investigated. The case has prompted further scrutiny under the ambit of the Crime Division Police with allegations of atrocity.

From Ahmedabad to Rajkot: A Friend’s Journey

Rahulkumar Manubhai Solanki, a 25-year-old resident of Arnej village in Kodeenar taluka of Kumbharvada and original Gir-Somanath, had lodged a complaint about this incident. It was stated in the complaint that he is pursuing MSW studies at Creation College. Previously, he used to reside in the M.G. hostel on Kalavad Road. My friend Narendra Solanki and Rahul used to come from Ahmedabad to Rajkot.

Why Checking Another Car? Questioned Uskeraia

During the evening at around seven, when vehicle checking was being conducted near the old Kuwadva Road police station, we were stopped, and our car was parked properly for checking. When our car was checked for the second time, I asked the policeman, “Why are you checking another car during vehicle checking?” Then, the police officer went to get permission from the police officer but returned and started shouting at us, asking for my name and whereabouts. I was asked such a question.

Assaulted Based on Caste

When I gave my name and said that I am a former student of M.G. Hostel, I was assaulted based on my caste, and while we were speaking, policeman Abhijitsinh Jhala caught me, and Kanubhai Bhammar, who reads the nameplate, gave me two-three slaps. My friends saved me at that time, and we immediately went to the police station to register a complaint based on this incident. Based on this complaint, the Crime Division Police have initiated further investigation.

NSUI Accuses of Biased Checks Due to Congress Car

It is noteworthy that NSUI’s board was installed in this car, and two executives of NSUI, including Narendra Solanki, were also present. Narendra Solanki stated in a telephonic conversation with us that the police had checked the car twice just because it belonged to Congress, and when they didn’t find anything, they assaulted a youth accompanying us based on his caste. I told them that if there is any mistake on our part, you can detain the car, but assaulting is not justifiable. After that, we lodged a complaint with the police regarding this matter.

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