Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actress Krishna Mukherjee Accuses Producer of Harassment

Television serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ fame actress Krishna Mukherjee has been battling depression and anxiety for several months. The actress has made a big revelation through her post. Krishna Mukherjee has accused a show’s producer of serious allegations and said that what he did to her.

Krishna Mukherjee, popular for her role in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, has leveled serious allegations against the show’s producers. The actress is currently seen opposite Shahzad Dhami in the daily soap ‘Shubh Shagun’. Now, the shooting of the show is complete and she is on a break from television.

A few hours ago, Krishna shared shocking information about her experience with the sets of ‘Shubh Shagun’ on her Instagram account. She made revelations that she has been suffering from depression and anxiety due to harassment by the show’s producer.

In the post, the actress has shared some startling details. She expressed how surprised she was by certain incidents on the set. Krishna Mukherjee, famous for her role in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,’ has also revealed instances of harassment in the makeup room and stated that she has not been compensated for work done over the last five months.

Moreover, Krishna has also mentioned threats received from the producer and expressed fear for her safety. She further stated that she does not feel safe anymore and openly expresses her fear of repercussions for not wanting to work on any show.

Krishna Mukherjee was surprised on the set.

Krishna further stated, I was not at all interested in doing this show, but I listened to someone else and signed the contract. The production house and producer Kundan Singh have troubled me a lot. They even locked me in my makeup room once because I was unwell and decided not to shoot.

Because they did not pay me the fee for my work, and when I was sick and inside, they banged on the door of my makeup room knowing that they would break it, even when I was changing clothes.

Krishna Mukherjee hasn’t received payment for 5 months.

Krishna wrote, “They haven’t paid me for five months. This is a significant amount. I have visited the production house and the office of Dangal, but they haven’t given me any response. Yes, they have threatened me many times. I feel unsafe, vulnerable, and scared all the time. I have felt insecure, and although many people have asked me for help, nothing has happened. No one can do anything about this. People ask me why I don’t do any show. This is the reason. I am afraid that the same thing will happen again. I need justice.

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