Gandhinagar Youth Loses Lakhs Chasing Dreams Abroad: Vadodara Agent Scams 6.43 Lakh, Shatters Dream to Go Abroad

In a shocking incident, an agent from Vadodara took Rs. 6.43 lakh or more from a farmer’s son in Gandhinagar, promising to send him to Dubai. The dream of going to America was shown after taking the hefty amount in a Mumbai hotel, where the police have now taken note of the fraud and initiated further investigation.

The incident, where the agent duped the family of Dingucha in Kalol and created chaos nationwide, particularly caught attention. Another family, with a three-year-old son, had gone to America with illegal intentions of immigration, all orchestrated by the same agent, who was identified as Bridj Kumar.

Pradeepkumar Dilipsinh Vaghela, also known as Pintu, residing in Limbodra village of Mansa taluka, works as a driver on contract at the Industry Bhavan. The agent Vijaysinh had informed Pintu about his brother Shankarsinh’s friend, Bhargav Pramodbhai Patel, who works to facilitate foreign travel. Intrigued by the idea of going to Dubai, Pintu expressed his interest.

Upon hearing Pintu’s desire to go to Dubai, Vijaysinh mentioned that Bhargav Patel is currently working to send Shankarsinh to Dubai. In January 2023, Bhargav Patel spent around one lakh on paperwork, including Aadhar card, passport, and photos, to facilitate Pradeep’s journey.

However, as the process unfolded, Pradeep realized that things weren’t progressing as promised. Bhargav Patel, who was in Dubai at the time, kept delaying the process. Finally, in frustration, Pradeep started questioning Bhargav. In the end, Pradeep, along with his family and friends Sonu and Harsh, went to Mumbai.

Upon arriving, Bhargav Patel kept them in a hotel for three days. However, as the funds started running out, Pradeep began questioning Bhargav more persistently. Bhargav transferred 50,000 to Sonu and 50,000 to Pradeep as a token and promised the rest once they reached America.

When the remaining funds did not materialize, Pradeep repeatedly asked Bhargav, who kept promising but never delivered. Frustrated and with no progress on the job, Pradeep ended up filing a complaint at Mansa police station, realizing that he had been defrauded of over Rs. 6.42 lakh in the name of sending him abroad.

Niyati Rao

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