High Court Shocked by GNLU Rape Case Fact Finding Committee Report: Law College Under Scrutiny!

A report was submitted to the Gujarat High Court on February 22nd, sealing the cover, regarding incidents of rape and caste discrimination involving a student at GNLU. Today, the court opened and examined the report, noting its grave implications. GNLU has attempted to suppress the incidents, but the report is detailed. The committee has received complaints about rape, harassment, discrimination, homophobia, silencing of voices, internal complaints, non-cooperation with the committee, and not informing the committee of students’ internal complaints.

Don’t Let This Happen in Colleges!

If such incidents happen in college, they should not be kept hidden! During the hearing, the High Court stated that the registrar of GNLU had previously submitted an affidavit to the court stating that no such incidents had occurred. But how will these people save the students? The report also names the accused. If the voices of law students are suppressed, who will speak up? This incident has also led to political intervention to suppress it. The High Court had previously ordered the Chairman of the Fact-Finding Committee to reveal the truth. Members of the Internal Complaints Committee have also received complaints. A high-level investigation is needed into this report. Allegations have also been made against the registrar and director of GNLU. The previous committee had lied in court. Allegations have been made against male professors at GNLU. If this is happening in law colleges, then we must not keep anyone in the dark!

Negative Impact on Students’ Mental Health

Who can go mad reading this report, according to court friend? The victims can file FIRs. Competent authorities will take action based on this report. It is noteworthy that the Fact-Finding Committee chaired by the former judge had submitted this report to the court in a sealed cover on February 22nd. Further hearings on this issue will be held on March 12th. It is noteworthy that on September 22nd, a news report in Ahmedabad revealed that a heinous crime had occurred at Gujarat National Law University, committed by the same batchmates, involving caste discrimination. A suo moto petition has been filed in the Gujarat High Court. The court noted that this is a very serious matter. This incident has had a negative impact on the mental health of students.

Notice Sent to GNLU’s Head and Registrar

When this incident came to light through the media, no action was taken. In a previous hearing, the High Court had sent a notice to the head and registrar of GNLU. The court recognized GNLU’s victims and instructed them to record their statements in confidence. The request of the victim of harassment, recorded by a female professor of GNLU, was also recognized by the court. The names of the members of the Internal Complaints Committee were also given to the court by GNLU.

Members of Inquiry Committee Should Not Be from GNLU

As per the information provided by GNLU, no student has come forward to file a complaint, so efforts to suppress the incidents continue. Therefore, the High Court ordered that there should be no members of GNLU in the inquiry committee. During the hearing on this matter, Chief Justice Sunita Agrawal and Judge Aniruddh Mayee presided over the bench. Advocate General Kamal Trivedi was also present. It was stated that in accordance with the court’s previous orders, the Fact-Finding Committee will be formed anew. Retired Judge Harsh Devani heads the committee. Gujarat Human Rights Secretary Bhargavi Dave and Associate Professor Dr. Surbhi Mathur from the National Forensic Sciences University are members of the committee.

Internal Complaint Box was placed in colleges

The High Court was approached to seal the report of the Fact-Finding Committee. The court’s friend informed that the Internal Complaints Committee’s boxes were previously placed outside schools and colleges, where students could lodge complaints if they faced any issues. However, now these boxes are not available, and the government is being asked for an explanation.

Confidentiality norms will be violated

Previously, the court had informed that every student should be informed about this committee. Therefore, students inform this committee about the incident. Confidentiality norms will be violated in this request. Therefore, the email ID, mobile number, and address of residence of the committee members have also been provided. Professors from GNLU will not be present between the committee members and students. Students can meet the committee members inside and outside the campus. Students have conversations with the committee members twice on campus. Students have also visited the residence of the committee members to discuss.

How many complaints have been received in the last three years?

Previously, it was not reported by GNLU that students are unaware of the Internal Complaints Committee. Therefore, the court informed the students. GNLU’s lawyer informed that the incident was reported to the university’s registrar by university employees. GNLU had formed a committee and invited students to lodge complaints. But no one came. Every student was informed to take an on-camera request.

The committee to become the consumer is not available

The court had said that whoever wants to ask should be asked in the place of the consumer. GNLU informed that the Consumer Complaints Committee was not available. The court had said that how many complaints have been received in the Internal Complaints Committee in the last three years, how many have been resolved, how the complaint has been received, its report will be given to the court. It is also not easy to file a complaint against the consumer. Such a complaint should not be made public before anyone. If the complaint is not received, the organization’s management should also be investigated based on the information.

Girls’ Statement 

In the affidavit filed by GNLU’s registrar, it was reported that based on the information received by university female employees, an investigation was conducted into the girls’ hostel. If any student had not received such information. The court had said that previously Anjani Singh had reported to the university registrar. She has also been made a committee member again. The university does not demand to bring out this incident. It is not appropriate to take girls’ on-camera requests. Their requests should be taken in private.

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