SC-ST Corporator Contemplates Resignation Amid Exclusion from AMC Committee Leadership Roles

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has appointed new chairmen and deputy chairmen for various committees in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Apart from the mayor and chief five office bearers, the appointment of chairmen and deputy chairmen in various committees has increased representation in caste equations. The Patel-Brahmin community has gained more prominence in the general category. Not a single corporate from the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) has been appointed as chairman or deputy chairman.

Discussion on Injustice with SC-ST Communities

The city BJP organized a meeting of councilors and office bearers of the Municipal Corporation to appoint chairmen for various committees. In the appointment of chairmen of various committees, members from the Brahmin, Patel, and OBC communities have been appointed as chairmen, and chairmen from the Kshatriya, Vanik, and Hindi-speaking corporate have also been appointed. There is a discussion on injustice happening with the corporate from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities, as none of them has been appointed as chairman or deputy chairman in any committee, except for the Name Committee where a deputy chairman has been appointed.

Chairman of BJP

orderName of the CommitteeName of the Chairmancategory
1AMTS Transport CommitteeDharam Singh DesaiRabari (OBC)
2Health CommitteeJashu ThakorThakor (OBC)
3Hospital CommitteeIndian cucumberPatel (General)
4Road & Building CommitteeJayesh PatelPatel (General)
5Recreational CommitteeJayesh TrivediBrahmin (General)
6Water and Supply CommitteeDilip BagriaBrahmakshatriya (General)
7Housing CommitteeMukesh PatelPatel (General)
8Legal CommitteePrakash Gurjar (Hindi)Gurjar Patel (General)
9Women’s CommitteeAlka MistryMistry (OBC)
10Materials CommitteeBaldev PatelPatel (General)
11Revenue CommitteeAnirudh Singh JhalaKshatriya (General)
12TP CommitteePritesh MehtaVanik, (General)

Inclusion of Vanik Caste in Top Positions

Among the chief office bearers in the Municipal Corporation, two corporate from the Vanik caste have been given positions. Now, even in the chairmen of various committees, a corporate from the Vanik caste has been appointed as chairman. This ensures the continued dominance of the Vanik community in the Municipal Corporation. The influence of the Mehta brothers from the Paldi area continues to be significant. In the last term, former corporate Sujay Mehta was appointed as the Chairman of the School Board, and now Pritesh Mehta has been appointed as the Chairman of the Town Planning Committee.

Discussion on Resignation of Some Corporators

There is a discussion on whether some corporators who have completed their first half-term and have been the main office bearers should be given a place as a member in any committee. The corporate who have served as chairman and deputy chairman in various committees in the past are now included as members in various committees as per the order of the chairman and deputy chairman. Those who have completed their term as chairman and deputy chairman are downgraded and included as members. They may resign from the committee at any time, even if they are not members.

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