Smart Meters Roll Out in Smart Cities: MGVCL to Install 65,000 Prepaid Meters from Alkapuri to Akota

In the pilot project, bills were generated based on prepaid meters and old meters. In the urban areas of the city, where there are Wi-Fi connections, if houses are far apart, then the meters with SIM cards will measure electricity consumption.

In January, a testing report for 24 smart prepaid meters installed in the city by MG VVCL has been approved, and starting this week, 25,000 meters will be installed. The company will send 65,000 prepaid meters to MG VVCL. In the urban areas where there is Wi-Fi and houses are far apart, meters with SIM cards will be installed. In both Akota and Alkapuri, 25,000 meters of various types will be installed.

In January, as part of the pilot project, 24 customers in Vidyut Nagar Colony were provided with smart prepaid meters. The testing and verification report has been approved. The bill indicates the usage as per the meter. Both old and new meters were installed, displaying the accurate unit consumption between them. The company has provided 50,000 meters with Wi-Fi and 15,000 meters with SIM cards. Wi-Fi-enabled meters will be installed near homes, while SIM card-based meters will be installed where homes are up to 100 meters apart.

In central Gujarat, 3.3 million meters will be installed. Out of 7.5 lakh electricity consumers in the city, 80,000 consumers use solar systems.

A special application has been developed by MGVCL for prepaid meters. The testing system has proven the meters to be okay. MGVCL has prepared a special application for prepaid meters, which customers can download on their mobile phones. Tejas Parmar, MD, MGVCL.

Bills are generated based on the units for prepaid meters. This was revealed during testing, showing that the calculation of units in the bill matches accurately.

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