Horrific Scenes Unveiled: Oil Mill Fire Rages On; Explosive Blasts Engulf Facility in Flames, Smoke Plumes Witnessed Miles Away

With each passing day, the scorching heat of summer in Surat district seems to be exacerbating, accompanied by a concerning rise in fire incidents. Recently, a devastating fire broke out in a mill located in the serene village of Olpad. 

The intensity of the blaze was such that oil-filled drums erupted, engulfing the entire mill in flames, visible from afar amidst billowing smoke. Prompt action by the fire department, who relentlessly sprayed millions of liters of water for nearly four hours, eventually brought the fire under control. Currently, cooling operations are underway to prevent any potential re-ignition.

Explosive Incident in Surat District’s Olpad Taluka

Today afternoon, a distressing incident unfolded in a company of Rajkumar Industries, situated on the outskirts of Saras village in Olpad taluka of Surat district. The company, known for its storage of large quantities of oil, chemicals, and diesel, witnessed a catastrophic event as a conflagration erupted amidst the amalgamation of these volatile substances. 

The explosion of inflammable materials stored in drums reverberated throughout the vicinity, sending shockwaves. Upon receiving the news, five teams from Surat district’s fire department rushed to the scene without delay to assess the situation.

Widespread Panic as Smoke Billows from Distant Blaze

Widespread Panic as Smoke Billows from Distant Blaze

A harrowing fire broke out in a mill known for oil production, sending shockwaves as flames engulfed the entire facility. Smoke billowed into the distance, alarming residents and creating a sense of unrest. 

The immediate response of the fire department was crucial in containing the blaze, as they tirelessly doused millions of liters of water for nearly four hours, bringing the situation under control. Cooling operations are currently underway to prevent any resurgence of the fire.

Fear Grips Locals as Officials Rush to the Scene

Fear Grips Locals as Officials Rush to the Scene

As panic spread among the populace, a notable presence of law enforcement, including the Surat rural Deputy Superintendent of Police, Olpad Police Inspector, and the Olpad Mamlatdar, descended upon the site. 

The prompt arrival of these officials amidst the unfolding incident reflected the gravity of the situation. It’s worth mentioning that adjacent to the mill stands a warehouse for shrimp, adding to the intensity of concerns among the local residents.

No Casualties Reported

Mank Vasava, the Circle Officer of the Mamlatdar’s Office in Olpad, reassured the public that no casualties were reported following the fire incident at Rajkumar Industries in Saras village. 

Five fire teams from Surat promptly arrived at the scene after the incident occurred around two in the afternoon. Fortunately, there were no casualties in this unfortunate event.

Fire Brought Under Control After Spraying Millions of Liters of Water

Fire Brought Under Control After Spraying Millions of Liters of Water

Girish Seler, the Fire Officer, disclosed that they received assistance from Palanpur Fire Station to tackle the fire incident at the oil and biodiesel factory. Upon receiving information about the fire outbreak, their team promptly rushed to the location and made relentless efforts to contain the blaze. 

With continuous efforts and the utilization of millions of liters of water over a span of four hours, they successfully brought the fire under control. Cooling operations are currently ongoing to ensure complete extinguishment.

Concerns Arise Regarding Production of Bio-Diesel in the Company

There are growing concerns regarding the production of bio-diesel in this company, as sources have expressed apprehensions about its operations. Jignesh Ojha, an official from GPCB (Gujarat Pollution Control Board), revealed that no registration for any kind of production has been sought from the Surat GPCB office. 

Furthermore, the investigative team dispatched to the site has not yet obtained concrete information on this matter. Hence, suspicions persist regarding the potential production of hazardous chemicals within this company.

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