Padminiba Requested Patidar Not To support Rupala, She Calls Rupala A Demon(Rakshas)

Padminiba Vala: The Warrior of Rajkot

Padminiba Vala, the female president of the Kshatriya community in Railnagar, Rajkot, is sitting on a hunger strike for the second consecutive day. She referred to men as demons. In a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, she stated that she won’t withdraw her ticket until and unless Rupalabhai is given justice. If needed, she will perform “Jauhar” (a traditional practice of self-immolation) as well. She receives calls from other sisters and daughters asking why she alone should perform Jauhar, and this question belongs to all sisters and daughters. We will all perform Jauhar together; if we all go for Jauhar, there will be no place for Kamalam in the world. The political advancement of the Kshatriya community is also with us.

It was revealed that Rupalabhai has been going from house to house promoting her son’s election campaign, and I didn’t have any enmity with anyone. But when Rupalabhai turned hostile, we also became his opponents. Rupalabhai’s request made me feel anxious, I demand from the BJP to bring in people who ensure the safety of women. There’s little hope left in the BJP, but still, I speak for the benefit. We should have such knowledge that we know what to say. What will be the result of what has been done today? If any person continues to be hostile and gets a lesson, then there is no forgiveness.

The Demon Didn’t Speak Well

When asked about the meeting of the Patidar community, he said that if the Patidar community is organizing a conference, it’s their matter, we cannot interfere. But supporting a demon is not good. A good person should be supported. The brothers of the Patidar community call me, sister, we are with you.

We Haven’t Thought About This Will Happen

There are also such principles on social media that benefit from them. Much will become of it. We haven’t thought about this will happen. By taking advantage of these principles, they will remain where they are. Therefore, I urge the leaders of the Patel community that you people will remain on one side, and those who will benefit will be in front of society. Hence, I don’t pay much attention to it. Let society fight among themselves.

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